Track your Projects and Sales

Simplify your sales management processes. Track the status of different projects/ sales for your customers right from inception to collecting the final amount from the customer.
Goodbye to collection woes!

Project execution simplified


Access from anywhere

Create project specific tasks, schedule meetings and store all the information related to your projects in one place and access it from anywhere.


Share sales documents

Upload all the documents to be shared with your client and share it with them. Customers can login to Zenys and access the shared documents anytime, anywhere.


Invoicing and Collection

Create and share estimates, quotations and invoices with your customers. Customers can login securely to Zenys customer portal, make payments online through Zenys.


Record expenses

Keep track of all your expenses for a project and easily track your profitability.

Track your projects by stage

Track the progress of your projects either based on confirmation to completion or set up your own stages based on your business.

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Multiple projects for same customer

Create different sales for the same customer and track them separately.

All important details such as start date, end date, estimated value, invoicing and collection are stored for each sales/ project.

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Upload and share documents with customers

Simplify customer interaction and collaboration.

Upload all the customer related documents in one place and share it with your customer once ready. Customers can access all the shared documents by signing into Zenys for free.

Customize project stages and fields

Every business is different and so is your project execution.

Easily customize the stages for your projects as per your needs and apply it to all your projects automatically.


Add additional fields

Create additional data capture fields based on your business requirement.


Add custom categories

Create fields with drop down options to categorize your projects.

Assign contacts to staff

Have a team working with you? Zenys multi user accounts enable you to assign contacts to your team members. Control who gets to see what information and access which feature easily.

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Send email to your contacts from Zenys using your gmail id.

Google Calendar

Set up meetings with your clients using google calendar.

Email Marketing

Sync user data with a Mailchimp audience for sending personalized email marketing campaigns


How can I use Zenys sales management software?

Zenys sales management system features let you create project-specific tasks, create sales pipeline stages, schedule meetings and store all the information related to your projects such as the start date, end date, estimated value, invoicing and collection.

Can I create multiple projects for the same customer?

Yes. Of course. You can create different sales for the same customer and track them separately.

How can my clients view the shared documents?

Your customers can view the documents by logging in to Zenys through the client portal

Can I send documents to my clients?

Yes. You can directly share the documents with your clients on Zenys. Customers can log in to Zenys and view the documents.