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Zenys gives you all the tools required to manage your sales cycle from getting an inquiry to finally collecting payment. More time for work, less administrative tasks

Grow your Revenue

Create your profile in Zenys, showcase your work and start getting customer inquiries. Use the built in client management software to manage your lead pipleine and increase your lead to customer conversion.

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Stay on track

Track the progress of your sales and projects, invoicing, collections and expenses

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    Access from anywhere

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    Share deliverables with clients

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    Invoicing & Collections

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    Record project expenses

Collaborate with team

Working with a team? With Zenys multi user account you can assign customers, projects and tasks to team members and work collaboratively.

Accelerate customer collections.

Lets customers pay you securely using debit card, credit card, internet banking or wallets. Accelerate your collection and never miss out on outstanidng payments

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Improve customer experience.

Provide a consistent and continuous experience to your customer through customer portal.

Share project documents

Share estimates, quotes and invoices

Secure online payment solutions

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Services to help run your business.

Running your business is not easy! Avail services such as digital marketing, web development, tax filing, company registration, legal services etc. from our community of service providers.

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Features to grow

All the features to run your business smoothly!


Free Listing

Create your profile and showcase your work to reach out to more customers.


Client Management

Manage your customer’s lifecycle from receiving inquiry to becoming paying customers.


Multi User Accounts

Provide access to your staff as well and assign customers and sales to them.


Productivity tools

Tag Customers & projects to tasks, schedule meetings in your calendar and stay organized in your business .


Invoicing and Collection

Create invoice with your custom branding, share with your customers and collect payments.



Intuitive dashboards and reports to keep track of how your business is growing.

Integrations & Extensions



Send email to your contacts from Zenys using your gmail id.


Google Calendar

Set up meetings with your clients using google calendar.

Available with Enterprise plan

Trigger emails

Send email to your contacts as a response to specific events.


Send messages

Sends messages and notifications using the MessageBird Conversations API.


eMail marketing

Sync user data with a Mailchimp audience for sending personalized email marketing campaigns



Create subscriptions, share invoices and collect payments using Stripe



Create and share payment links, subscription plans and collect online payments from customers

Loved by small businesses across the globe.

We were introduced to Zenys at a point when we were really ramping up our Business Development efforts. Zenys has helped us be more organised and professional in client management. The UI is clean, intuitive and easy to use..

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is all it takes to get started with Zenys.

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Free listing
1 month of free Diamond plan usage
Add 10 contacts per month
Add 10 sales/ projects per month
5 Quotes/Estimates and 2 Invoices per month
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Task management
Free listing
Add unlimited contacts
Add unlimited Sales & Projects
Create unlimited quotes & invoices
Track project wise expenses
1 GB Storage
Task Management
Everything in Gold plan plus
Customer portal
Collect online payments from customers
2 GB Storage
Gmail Integration
Google Calendar Integration
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Enterprise and Multi-User Accounts

Looking for customized solutions or multi user accounts? Contact sales to know more and get a customized quote.



A business management software is a broad term that can be applied to different software systems. Essentially, it is an application that helps businesses manage, streamline, improve and automate their business processes. Different types of businesses require different software. However,while choosing a business management software, you can check for features like project management, task management and invoice generation to ensure you are choosing the right one for your business.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software refers to technologies that assist businesses in improving their customer relationship, streamlining processes and boosting productivity. With your business growing, you can opt for a CRM tool to bring your lead generation, sales and customer support activities together.

Zenys is a process management and lead generation tool that is tailor made for small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers that helps manage their overall business processes from getting customer inquiries to tracking collections. Apart from the basic features of a CRM for small businesses , we also offer features for project management, task management, invoicing and collections and an online listing platform that helps users in getting customer inquiries. In short we are more than a CRM system giving you everything to run your business easily.

Every business is different and so are their requirements. The needs of small businesses are greatly different from big enterprises and that’s where we come in. Zenys is a platform that is built with a mission to help small businesses run their business smoothly, right from getting inquiries to getting paid.

Providing all the basic features required for small businesses to carry out end to end project tracking, we are the perfect solution for small businesses to manage their business workflow. With the easy to use interface one can easily handle the software without much technical knowledge . This is what makes us one of the best business management software for small businesses.

Zenys provides you with a free online listing platform where you can create a profile, update them with all the required details about your company and post pictures of your projects. This will help you get leads and customer inquiries if you update your profile frequently. In the customer inquiry form in your online profile, prospective customers will enter their details which will automatically be stored in the business management tool for you to make follow ups and convert them into paying customers. You get a new lead and a paying customer from the same tool!

Prospective clients can find your public profile on our website from the search and services option. While they select the category and the region you have given in your profile, your profile will be listed. If your profile is frequently updated with new pictures and details using relevant keywords, your profile would be shown among the top rankings in the search engines.

Zenys offers you customer relationship management tools to maintain good relationships with your clients. With the business management tool you can create follow ups for your leads so that they don't slip through the cracks. Using the project management and task management features you can stay on track with your project and your customer journey. By maintaining a good client relationship, your conversion rates are sure to get higher.

Absolutely. You can assign sales and projects to other members in your team.

On Zenys you can choose between different currency options.

Yes. You can try our software for free using the free package in which you can create 50 customers and unlimited sales, quotations and invoices.

Your data is secure on Zenys. We do not save any details such as your customer details, billing details, GST number, your customer number, items sold etc.

Of course. Using our invoice software, you get an option to add your company logo or signature to your invoices making them look professional. By clicking on the palette icon, you can also choose colours for your invoice layout that match your brand and logo.