Available in Mobile and Web

Zenys Mobile and Web application lets you manage your business even when you are on the move.

Implement your own processes

Zenys lets you implement your own processes for customer acquisition, sales management and customer support.

Let Zenys work the way you run your business, not the the other way around.

Automate activities

With Zenys’ easy to use automations, you can trigger different activities such as tasks, customer follow ups and email sends.

Now you can combine your processes and activities to make your business run as clockwork without any complex tools.

Bring in your Team

Working with a team? With Zenys multi-user account you can assign customers, projects and tasks to team members and work collaboratively.

Our robust access control tool lets you define team structure and control who can access what information

Accelerate Customer Collections

Let customers pay you securely using debit cards, credit cards, internet banking or wallets. Accelerate your collection and never miss out on outstanding payments.

Customer portal

Through Zenys’ built in customer portal, you can share documents, quotations and invoices with your customers and they can make payment too!

  • Share project documents
  • Share estimates, quotes and invoices
  • Secure online payment solutions

Integrations & Extensions

Connect to your favourite tools and make the most out of Zenys.

Find the right plan for your business


Rs 0/month

Rs 0/yr

Add 10 contacts/ mo

Add 10 sales/ mo

5 Quotes per month

5 Estimates per month

2 Invoices per month

Track expenses

0.5 GB storage

Task management


Rs 500/month

Rs 5000/yr

Add unlimited contacts

Add unlimited Sales

Create unlimited quotes

Create unlimited invoices

50,000 Records

Track project expenses

1 GB Storage

Task management



Rs 800/month

Rs 8000/yr

Everything in Gold plan plus

Customer portal

Collect online payments

Gmail Integration

1,00,000 Records

Track project expenses

2 GB Storage

Google Calendar

Enterprise and Multi-User Accounts

Looking for customized solutions or multi user accounts? Contact sales to know more and get a customized quote.

Clean, intuitive and easy to use

We were introduced to Zenys business management software for small business at a point when we were really ramping up our Business Development efforts. Zenys has helped us be more organized and professional in client management.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Rohith Shankar

Principal, Economix Consulting Group

20 mins

is all it takes to get started!


1. What is a business management software?

A business management software is a broad term that can be applied to different software systems. Essentially, it is an application that helps businesses manage, streamline, improve and automate their business processes.

2. How is Zenys different from other business management software?

Zenys is an all-in-one business management software for small businesses that comes with a wide range of features to manage their entire business operations. It offers features for customer management, sales management, tasks and follow-up scheduling, workflow automation, invoicing, payment collection and more.

3.Who uses Zenys ?

Small business owners, freelancers, and solopreneurs use Zenys to organize their workflow. Education consultants, financial institutions, Photographers, architects, designers, event planners are some of the business owners who find Zenys helpful.

4.Is this business management system on-premise or cloud based ?

Zenys is a Cloud Based software. You can have access to it anywhere, anytime.

5. Is this business management tool easy to adopt?

Yes. Our software for small business management is very easy to adopt as you only require a browser and an internet connection.

6. Is Zenys accessible to your field staff?

Yes. Our CRM system is accessible to our field staff.

7. How easy is it to migrate your existing data?

If you have existing data, migrating them to our CRM software is very easy and you never need to worry about it .

8. Does it offer a free trial?

Yes. Zenys offers a 30 day free trial period. Using the free package you can add 10 contacts/sales and create 5 Quotes/Estimates and 2 Invoices per month.