Bring Order to your Support Ticket System

Quickly create support tickets and track all your customer issues from one unified platform. Organize, prioritize and manage tickets to provide faster customer services.

Track your Support Process

Create multiple stages for your support process based on your business operations and track their status easily.

Add a support ticket quickly when a customer reports an issue with our customer support software. Assign the ticket to the appropriate agent and set the expected completion date for the ticket.

Access ticket details from one place

View all the details of a ticket in a single place which includes the customer details, tasks, follow-ups, notes, emails sent and the related attachments.


Create tasks

Within a ticket, create and assign specific tasks to agents.

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Follow up calls

Schedule follow up calls related to the tickets and get reminders.


Add notes

Use notes to write down important information about the support ticket.

Customize fields as per your needs

Personalize the support field names according to your organisation’s requirements. Capture additional information about the ticket by using adding additional fields.

Get more out of Zenys with the enterprise plan


Send email to your contacts from Zenys using your gmail id.

Google Calendar

Set up meetings with your clients using google calendar.

Email Marketing

Sync user data with a Mailchimp audience for sending personalized email marketing campaigns


What is a customer service software?

Customer service software allows businesses to manage customer journeys and strengthen customer relationships. It lets you collect and respond to customer support requests and ensure a better customer experience

How can I create support tickets on Zenys?

With Zenys you can create support tickets whenever a customer reports an issue. While creating a ticket you can assign it to the right team staff who is the most appropriate to solve the issue.

What are the popular customer service features of Zenys?

Here are some of the features of our customer service CRM:

  • Creating support tickets
  • Assigning tickets to team staff
  • Ticket tracking by creating support pipelines
  • Internal ticket handling by creating tasks, and follow-ups related to a support ticket.
Can I assign tickets to my team staff?

Yes. Using our ticket management system, you can assign tickets to the appropriate team staff.