Add Expenses Easily

Record your business spending based upon different categories. Get insights into the profit of your business by recording your expenses accurately.

Expense Tracking

Search for the customer and sale in the expense tab and analyze your profits for each project.

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Send email to your contacts from Zenys using your gmail id.

Google Calendar

Set up meetings with your clients using google calendar.

Email Marketing

Sync user data with a Mailchimp audience for sending personalized email marketing campaigns


What is an expense management software?

An expense management software is a solution that helps businesses record and track their company spending and manage their expense processes efficiently. It allows them to track their expenses giving better insights into their profit margins. 

Why do businesses need an expenses app?

Using a good expense management system, companies can save much time and money. By tracking expenses and analyzing the profit gained businesses acquire better financial control.An expense management software also helps companies in making better financial decisions.

How does Zenys’ expense management tool help?

Zenys expense management feature is a very easy to use tool that helps small business and freelancers manage their expenses better. They can easily record their expenses and track them for each customer or sale. By searching for the customer or sale in the expense tab they can easily analyze the profits for each project.