Collect Credit Card Payment Online

Accelerate your collection, track advances and payments against your invoices from different channels. Collect credit card payment online and record your collections in the tool.

Start collecting online with Zenys


Activate payment processing

Sign up, create your profile and set up your bank account details for receiving payments.


Share payment link with customer

After you create an invoice, share a payment link with your customer.


Customer makes the payment

Customer is notified and can make the payment securely after logging in to Zenys.


Amount transferred to your account

Get notified when customer makes the payment and amount is transferred to your account.

Automate collections from your customers

Create and send online payment link to your customers along with the invoice. Collection details are automatically updated against the invoice once customer makes the payment.

Track collections from multiple channels

Record different types of payments such as advances/ retainer fees and payments made against invoices.

Update how your customer have paid for easy reconciliation.

Multiple currencies and taxation systems

Create invoices in more than 100 currencies as you need.

Zenys currently supports invoicing in both GST and VAT.

Share securely with your clients

No more emailing and following up on invoices. Share quotations and invoices directly with customers through Zenys.

Customers can login to Zenys, view the invoices and make the payment online and the payment is transferred to your account.

Know invoicing and collection details at customer & project level

Get a quick overview of invoicing and collection status for each customer.
Get insights on invoicing and payment status through easy to use dashboards and reports

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Send email to your contacts from Zenys using your gmail id.

Google Calendar

Set up meetings with your clients using google calendar.

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Can I collect payments from clients using zenys?

Yes. Your customers can log in to the client portal through the payment link shared and make payments via credit or debit cards. Once paid, your invoice gets automatically updated to paid status.

How to use Zenys online payment software?

You can simply sign up and create your profile on Zenys to accept payments online— No website, no coding, no payment gateways required. You can collect credit card payment online via credit/ debit cards or other bank transfer options from your customer. 

How do I collect credit card payment online?

You can send a payment link to your customer to get paid online. Customers can log in to Zenys through the client portal and make their payment via credit/ debit card or other payment methods like UPI payments, internet banking, and wallet transfer.

Does the amount get transferred to my bank account?

Yes. When the customer makes the payment the amount gets transferred to your bank account.

What does my client experience when they pay an invoice?

When you send an invoice to your client, they can view the invoice by logging in to Zenys customer portal. They can make the payment through the client portal through credit or debit card. When a customer makes the payment your invoice will be automatically updated as paid making it easier for you to keep track of your collections.