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Getting Started with Zenys

Your personal guide to help your organize your business in 4 simple steps. So grab your squad and let’s go!

Upload Contacts

Learn about how to upload multiple contacts with just a click.

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Task Management

Never miss a task or let your memory take compromises. Click here to learn more on how to stay on track.

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Meetings and Appointments

Learn about calendar and how it keeps yo organized.

Customer Follow Ups

Is keeping tab on customers difficult? Let’s learn it the easiest way.

Create Support Tickets

Create and assign support tickets whenever a customer reports an issue.


You fed us information and in return we provide you the data. Learn more to plan your business reach bigger heights.

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Monitor the important metrics of your business easily by adding reports to your dashboard.

Documents and Collections

Learn about creating and sharing sales documents and updating collections.


Learn how to set automations for your routine tasks.

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Record and Track Expenses

Explore how to record your expenses and keep track of your profits.

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products And Services

Learn to add products and tag them to sales if needed.

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Storing and Sharing Documents

Learn about uploading and sharing documents with your team and customers.

Record Important Information

Are you scared of losing customer’s important data? Click here to find a remedy.


Explore the various setting option available to make your business fast and easy.