In Conversation with Siddique Super

Siddique Super is the Creative designer/ Founder of Stamp Architectural Design Studio based in Kannur & Oman. The firm focuses on creating functional buildings for their clients to use based on their varying needs and desires. It is really a creative field, where one can make plenty of models, play with form and functions, visit numerous places and learn so many things every time, and sketch and draft for hours altogether. Siddique says understanding their clients is imperative and that is what fuels his passion for this field.

With 14 years of experience in the field, Siddique and his talented team of professionals at Stamp Architectural Design Studio have completed more than 500+ projects including Kerala, Dubai and Oman. All the Tea Time projects at Oman are undertaken by Team Stamp so far. They mostly work on projects that deal with artistic forms, designs and patterns. They do not stick to any particular style of designs. Projects that allow for self expression turn out to be exciting and challenging for them where they could use their artistic flair to the best.

According to Siddique, every architectural design is unique and imparts an inimitable style. A traditional design suits those who adore classic arts, antique pieces etc. whereas contemporary houses reflect the architecture of today. They are often much warmer in design than modern versions and try to bring the exterior interior together. However both types of homes have specific pros and cons. Overall it’s about the perception, purpose and stability that helps them to choose their own happiness.

They have 3 on-going restaurant projects in Oman and 2 turnkey residential projects in Kannur. They have also committed to a Café, Gym and Kindergarten project at Kannur. Their projects are located mostly in Kannur district but have also worked on projects at Thrissur, Trivandrum, Kochi, Thiruvalla & Calicut and abroad. For them, work itself is what is more important regardless of the location.

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Take a look at one of their best projects.

  • Name of the project: PCP Residence
  • Owners Name: Mr.Rashad
  • Location of the project: Pushpagiri,Taliparamba,Kannur
  • Time taken for completion: 07 months
  • Renovation/new plan: Renovation
  • Per square feet cost: 1700 Rs/Sqft

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