Why Zenys is the Best CRM for Photographers

For many photographers, clicking beautiful pictures and improving their skills in different genres of photography is their one and only aim. But you have got somewhere wrong. Now with all the easily available DSLR cameras and other equipment, the number of budding photographers is rising. So, what makes you different from them?

Obviously your experience in photography matters. But, an equally important factor is your business. Dealing with the business side of things is what many of you procrastinate thinking of as a dreadful task. Here is where you are getting it wrong. You can easily resolve this issue by using a CRM software to make the business side of your photography career better and easy. Zenys is a free CRM for photographers that can help you in making your business easy to handle giving you lots of time to spend on your photography profession.

Why do Photographers need a CRM?

photography business management

Managing client relationships is something that is a priority to your job and a photographer CRM can help you handle this effortlessly. Just like you need the perfect equipment to capture the perfect shots, you need the perfect photography management system to run a photography business in the perfect way. It’s as simple as that!

Now, let’s be a little bit more detailed here.

From what we have learned from conversing with our photography clients, we got to know that some of their main barriers in their photography business are;

  • Managing clients
  • Managing multiple projects at a time
  • Communicating clients about the pricings
  • Getting paid
  • Building their client’s trust in their photography skills

1. How Zenys helps you with managing your clients

Manage Clients

You might have got a lot of clients who have approached you for different photography projects. Managing them at a time could be a little tricky and if this gets messed up, it’s most likely that you will drop your business halfway, which you don’t want to happen.

With Zenys it is not as difficult as you might think.

  • Store Customer Details

On Zenys you can store all your customer data and get a consolidated view of the customer with every required details.

  • Create follow ups

You can create follow ups with your client and keep them updated about any changes or rescheduling happening in the project. Prioritize them and track their journey from a customer inquiry to a paying customer.

2. How Zenys helps you with managing multiple projects at the same time

Manage Projects

Managing multiple projects at a time sure is a difficult task. Zenys has got you covered on this end with its scheduling and project management and tracking features.

  • Create multiple sales/ project opportunities for your customer with all details like start date, end date, estimated value, invoicing and collections.
  • Track the project right from inception to collecting the final amount from the customer.
  • Collaborate easily with your clients by sharing important documents with them. They can login to Zenys and access them anytime, anywhere.
  • Create tasks and schedule appointments and meetings with your customers so that you don’t miss out on any commitments.

3. How Zenys helps you get paid quickly

Invoicing and Collections

This is one main hurdle that photographers face – not getting paid on time. This is not a problem anymore if you are using a business management software for photographers like Zenys.

  • Doing proper invoicing is one of the ways to get paid on time. On Zenys create professional invoices with branding and share the documents with your customer. Your customers can view the documents through Zenys and make payments online which gets transferred to your account.
  • Collection details are automatically updated against the invoice and you will have proper track of all the collections. Get paid quickly with Zenys.

4. How Zenys helps you with building your clients trust and generating inquiries

Public Profile for Photographers

You’ll need to exhibit yourself as a professional photographer in front of your clients to build trust and your prospective customers to get inquiries. Showcasing your skills and making your business look professional is easy using Zenys.

  • Create a profile on Zenys and post pictures of your favourite photography projects and details about your photography company.
  • Make it look attractive and entice customers to create an inquiry from the profile.