Why is Zenys the Best CRM for Event Planners

Event planners are the go-to people who can run events beautifully from the start to finish and you might know how difficult it is to execute it. As individuals who love details and organizing events, you wouldn’t want to mess up the event planning process. This is where you will need a software designed for event planners like Zenys.

What do you think of an all in one place that can take care of every part of your business, right from getting inquiries to managing your clients and projects to tracking your payments? Sounds cool, isn’t it? This is why Zenys is the best CRM for Event planners as you will get all of these features in a very user friendly, all in one platform.

Why do you need a CRM software?

Your profession is the perfect answer to it. The major part of your job is interaction with multiple vendors to organize an event. Dealing with a lot of people, you will certainly require a customer relationship management tool to manage them easily. With a CRM tool you can do

  • Client Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Invoicing

Something to keep in mind is that not to choose a CRM software just because your friends use it. Every business is different so are the requirements. This is why you should go for a CRM like Zenys that is curated for event planners.

Let us see in detail how Zenys will work for your event planning business.

1. Make Collaboration Easy

Everything is about coordination for your business. You are not just dealing with clients. You will also be outsourcing services to other vendors. Now, coordinating this could seem a difficult task at the face of it, but not when you have software like Zenys with you. Use Zenys to

  • Store all the details of your clients.
  • Create sales for them, provide access to the vendors and assign the sales.
  • Configure what information they can see and you never have to worry about your data security.

All you have to do is distribute the work. Your major headache is taken care of by this feature.

2. Organize easily by the scheduling functionality

Schedule meetings

For your business one thing that tops your list of priority would be meeting your commitments to your clients and delivering the work on time. This is easy with Zenys scheduling functionality.

  • To make sure you are on track with your customer, create follow ups for them.
  • Create tasks for specific customers as well as sales to ensure that you never miss out on any commitments made.
  • Schedule meetings in the calendar and get reminders.

3. Be on track with invoices and payments

Invoicing and Collections

You need to look professional in your business and that should be shown in the documents you share too. On Zenys you can create invoices, quotations and estimates with branding and send to your clients in a minute. Once your customer pays, you can update the collection against an invoice and the information is automatically updated at the customer and sales level. Keeping track of your collections is not anymore a hectic task for you.

4. Generate inquiries

For your business to keep moving you need customers. This is where we stand out. Zenys is not just a CRM system, we give you more. Zenys has an online platform where you can create a profile and showcase your past works. Make it attractive and reach out to more customers.

To sum up, Zenys is just perfect for event planners to run their business from the very start to getting a customer to completing the entire project. Sign up now and make your life easier.