What Is Facebook Business Manager? (2022 Update)

what is facebook business manager

Are you managing your Facebook pages from your personal account? Then it is high time you switched to using Facebook Business Manager.

If you have a team who works on your Facebook page, you’ll have to share the logins and manually add them to access it. It is not only a tiring task but can also affect your privacy. This is when you’ll have to use Facebook Business Manager.

If you are wondering what is Facebook Business Manager, we will guide you through every step of setting up the tool and how you can use it to the fullest as per the latest Facebook update.

In this guide, we will cover the following topics.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

business manager

Facebook Business Manager is basically a free Facebook tool that helps you organize and manage your Facebook pages, Ad accounts and other business-related assets. This includes your Instagram pages, product catalogues etc. 

Here are some of the benefits of using Facebook Business Manager.

  • For businesses, it helps in giving access to the team members and assigning roles to them. You don’t have to share your personal Facebook information. They also need not have the ownership to access your page and other assets. 
  • You can access Ads Manager to create Ads and get reports in a single dashboard.
  • Another major advantage is that you won’t get distracted by the Facebook feed. You can access your page from a separate space in a more organized way.

Having explained what is Facebook Business Manager, let’s see how to set up and use Facebook business manager in the right way.

How to set up Facebook Business Manager?

To create a Facebook business manager account you’ll have to log in to your personal account. After you have logged in follow these steps.

Step 1

Click on this link,  https://business.facebook.com/, and click on ‘Create Account’.

business manager

Step 2

Add your business name, your name and business email address and click ‘Submit.

create your business manager account

Step 3

In the next pop up click on ‘Done’.

You will be taken to the Facebook Business Manager dashboard. Now we will see you can add or create Facebook pages and Ad accounts.

How to Add your Facebook Page?

To Add a Facebook Page you need to have full access to it. If you are managing your own page you can follow these steps.

Step 1 

Go to the Business Manager dashboard and click on ‘Pages’.

add page

Step 2 

Click on ‘Add’ and select ‘Add a Page’  from the menu.

add a page

Step 3

Next, enter your page name or URL and select the page. Click on ‘Add’. 

add page

However, if you are working for a client or another business you will need to request access to the page. For that, choose the option, ‘ Request access to a page’  from the menu that appears in step 2.

request access

Once you have added the page you will be able to manage the page and analyse the reports from Facebook Business Manager.

How to Add your Ad Account?

If you need to run ads on Facebook you will need a Facebook Ad Account. You can add the Ad account if you already own one or if you are an admin. However, if you don’t have an Ad account you can create one. 

Step 1

Click on Ad Account in the Business Manager dashboard.

add ad account

Step 2

Click on ‘Add’ and choose ‘Add an ad account’ from the drop-down menu. However, if you need access to an Ad account you can request access by clicking on ‘ Request Access to an ad account’. After that, choose ‘Create a new ad account’ if you need to create one.

Step 3

If you have chosen ‘Add an ad account’ from Step 2 you will be required to enter the ad facebook business manager id in the pop-up. After that, click ‘ Add Ad Account’.

enter the ad account

To create a new ad account you can simply give an ad account name and enter the time zone and currency details.

create new ad account

How to Add Users?

After you have added the page and ad account you can start adding people and assign roles to them. Take a look at the steps for adding users.

Step 1

Click on ‘Users’ in the Business Manager dashboard. Select People and click ‘ Add’. 

If you work with an agency, you can add them as a ‘Partner’. In the Business, Manager dashboard, click on ‘Users’ and select ‘Partners’. Click on ‘Add’ and enter the business id of the person. Once done, this will allow them to have access to the account assets.

add people

Step 2

In the pop up enter the email address of the person you want to add. 

Enable the Admin toggle button if you want to give the user full control over the page. If you give Employee access you can have control over the accounts the user can access. Click ‘Next’ once done.

invite people

Step 3

On the right side, click on ‘Add Assets’.

add assets


Step 4

Customize the access using the toggle buttons. For example, you can select the pages to which you want to give access and customize the tasks.

dzign home add asset

Now that you have set up your Facebook Business Manager Account you can do some more customization to make the most out of it. 

#Connect your Instagram Account

To add your Instagram account to Facebook Business Manager, 

  • Click on Account in the sidebar of the Business Manager dashboard and click ‘Instagram Accounts’.
add instagram accnt
  • Click on ‘Add’ and click on ‘ Connect your Instagram account’ in the pop-up.

#Set up Two-factor authentication for your account

Facebook Business Manager gives you extra protection for your business assets. You can turn on the two-factor authentication and increase your security.

Go to ‘Security Center’ in the Business Manager dashboard to turn it on.

security on facebook business manager

#Set up Facebook Pixel

One of the main strategies for Facebook marketing is setting up your Facebook pixel to analyze the data and keep proper track of user actions. You can add Facebook pixel from ‘Data Sources’.

fb pixel

After you have done all this you can go ahead and create your first Ad Campaign.

Now that you know what is Facebook business manager, and how to use it effectively, you can go ahead and launch your campaign. Once your Ad is live you might get a lot of inquiries from it. So make sure you save those potential customers and regularly follow up with them.

 For that, you will need a business management software like Zenys. Using Zenys you can easily create contacts, schedule follow-ups and tasks for each so that you can keep track of your potential customers.