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Latest Wedding Photographic Trends in India

Consider a wedding in the 2000s and in the present year. What do you think has changed the most?

Yes. Photographic trends!

Everyone wants to keep up with what is new and so is with wedding photographic trends. As with the changes in wedding rituals, wedding photographic trends get updated year after year. Social media too has a tremendous influence on this change. It is the trendsetting photographs posted on social media that have brought the perception of a more stylized wedding today. A one-worthy picture to post on Instagram or Facebook is all people want. Make your wedding photographs up to the minute by knowing what is in.

Here we have listed down the top 6 wedding photographic trends in India you can follow to get outstanding pictures of your moments of togetherness to reminisce after.

Read further to find out what exactly these trends are and choose which all are the best for your precious day.

1. Destination Wedding Photography

The trend of destination photography in India has been greatly influenced by the western traditions. Tying the knot in the location you and your partner love gives you the feeling of living in a dream. A beachside, a hilly area, or any other locations you love might be the perfect choice to get you a dreamy photograph, which is another trendsetter. Destination wedding photography captures both your love and the beauty of the location. Together you get the most exquisite pictures you have ever dreamt of. If you find this photographic trend interesting, check out the top 16 locations in India for your destination wedding photoshoot.

2. Theme-Based Photography

Say, you and your better half have a common liking to the retro look. This would be just perfect to create a theme-based wedding photograph. It need not necessarily be on the wedding day. You can do it as a pre-wedding or post-wedding photoshoot. Dress up according to the theme, and set up a location that matches it. Theme-based photographs are so in right now that you might want to consider this trend before it changes.

3. Drone Shots


Sprinkle your wedding photographs with a cinematic touch. You get the whole vibe of your wedding in just a shot by using drones. Take wide-angle shots with drones and cover the whole decorations and guests in your wedding. A photo that voices celebration; this is what drone shots make possible.

4. Detailed Photography


Every bride will have something that they are really attached to, something that they would like to treasure the whole life. It might be the bouquet of your wedding, the engagement ring, the one neckpiece, or anything that you value the most. Taking photographs of such minute but valuable details was, is, and will always be in trend as it gives a more sentimental value. Cherish them forever.

5. Smoke-Bombs

Play with colors on your wedding and create dreamy-like photos. Express the joyful life you are going to enjoy in your wedding photos using smoke bombs. Smoke bombs have now become much popular in Indian wedding photography, a trend that began in western countries. This is a way to make the backgrounds look more beautiful and colorful.

5. Candid Photography

Everyone would want their photos of their wedding to talk about their real emotions. Rather than taking photos in a scripted way, trends of photography have changed to be more authentic and genuine. This is where candid photography comes in. Candid photos show reality and these might later be the ones that drive you to the memory of the most beautiful day in your life. This trend never goes out of style.

Now that you have got some ideas of how the trends in wedding photography are going on in 2021, you can start looking out for the person who can convert your ideas into reality; a photographer. At Zenys you can find a number of photographers’ profiles and choose one that you think could execute your ideas perfectly. You can also find a lot more latest wedding photographic trends and draw inspiration from the Indian wedding pictures they post on their profile. Check out the link below and explore more on wedding photographic trends from their photos. A bit of research will always give you good results.

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