Upload Multiple Contacts

Adding customers one by one is time-consuming. If you wish to upload all your contacts in a single click of a button, Zenys has a solution for it too. Just make sure that you follow the format of our CSV template.

To make it easier for you, we provide you with the option to download our CSV template, so no worries about making errors. 

Before you begin: If you have not customized additional fields for storing customer data, we recommend you first add the necessary fields and then download the template to avoid confusion down the line.

All the contact fields configured in the contact settings will appear in the template you download.

In this guide, we’ll see:

Step 1- Download Template

  • In the left navigation bar, select contacts (icon) click the upload icon.
  • Click “Download CSV Template
  • Sample CSV template with all the field to be entered is downloaded.

Step 2 – Upload Customer data

  • In the left navigation bar, select contacts (icon).
  • In the contact list page, click the upload icon and select “Upload Customer data in CSV“.
  • Upload the filled CSV file from your device.
  • View the contacts, uploaded successfully in the contacts list.

Have trouble uploading customers?

Make sure no special characters are entered in the CSV file.

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