Top 6 Invoicing software for small business and freelancers

Invoices are one of the essential elements in a business, small or large. And if you are someone running a business on your own or a freelancer, this work could tire you a lot. What you need is an easy-to-use invoice software that looks professional, and helps you keep track of the transactions in your business. And you definitely don’t want to empty your pockets for this software.

Find out the best free invoice software for small businesses and choose the most appropriate one to do your tasks.

We have made a list of the top 6 invoicing software to help you out. But before you choose one, know the key tips on how to choose the best invoice software , have answers to a certain set of questions in your mind, and then start the research.

  • Why do you need an invoice maker?
  • Do you just want to create invoices online or does client management also come into play?
  • Should it just have a GST bill format or other invoice templates too?
  • Are you planning to store all the data on your PC or do you need an online invoice generator?
  • Would your current accounting software integrate well with the invoice creator?
  • Do you need a quote maker as well along with the billing software?

Prepared your mind with all the answers? Alright! Now it’s time you look at the top 6 free invoice creators, among all platforms.

  1. Zenys Online Invoice Generator
  2. Invoice Ninja
  3. Zoho Invoicing
  4. PayPal Invoicing
  5. Square
  6. Wave Invoicing

1. Zenys Online Invoice Generator

zenys invoice generator

Available on Web

About Zenys : Zenys Online invoice generator is one of the best invoicing software for small businesses. It is completely free and easy to use and understand. Users can create invoices online without having to sign up, and their basic plan is “free forever”. This invoice generator is primarily for GST invoices. There is a wide variety of GST bill formats and GST templates to choose from, in Zenys. The only issue is it is built only for India.

Features of Zenys : With Zenys, users can make unlimited invoices for free from multiple invoice samples like proforma invoice templates, sales invoice formats, and much more. The user can download the invoices as PDF or share invoices via email from the website itself. Via creating an account, the user can store company information like name address, and contact info, which will be pasted on to future invoices as default data. Also, users can track payments of different customers through the online account.

We have listed down the main features of Zenys Invoice creator:

  • Professional GST invoice formats and invoice templates
  • Support for Multiple bill formats/templates
  • Downloadable pdf invoices
  • Intuitive client portal with automated invoice management
  • Payment tracking system with alerts and reminders
  • Invoice workflow automation
  • integrated email system
  • Inbuilt professional quote maker

Built for: Small business owners and freelancers.

2. Invoice Ninja

invoice ninja invoice generator

Available on Web, PC, Android and iOS

About Invoice Ninja : Invoice Ninja is a completely open-source business invoicing software. Its free plan will allow the user to manage 5 customers and 4 invoice formats. Anything more will need a premium account.

Features of Invoice Ninja :

  • Client portal to manage invoices and payments
  • Seamless integration with over 25 payment gateways
  • Quote creator with quote approval and conversion
  • Supports over 50 currencies and 25 languages
  • Customizable Invoice design

Built For : Small business owners and freelancers.

3. Zoho Invoicing

zoho invoice generator

Available on PC, Android, iOS

About Zoho Invoice : Zoho Invoice creator is an invoice software from the same company which created and maintains Zoho Books. If your business uses Zoho products, Zoho invoice maker will be the perfect addition as an invoicing tool. It also works effortlessly with different applications like OneDrive, Google Drive, PayPal etc. The free plan allows up to 5 customers.

Features of Zoho Invoice :

  • Customizable Invoice templates
  • Payment reminder alerts
  • Supports multiple currencies and languages
  • Invoice workflow automation
  • Supports GST invoice formats
  • Payment reminding alerts

Built for : Small business owners and freelancers.

4. PayPal Invoicing

paypal invoice generator

Available on Web, PC, Android, iOS

About PayPal : PayPal is a frontrunner in the online payment industry. PayPal invoicing is their free invoice and billing software. PayPal invoicing works only for PayPal account holders. This online invoicing system is integrated with other PayPal services, so payment through this online software suite is seamless. Users can save client information for ease of usage. The catch is that you can only use PayPal payment gateway while billing your client.

Features of PayPal:

  • Payment reminder alerts
  • Customizable Invoice templates
  • Schedulable invoices
  • Easy to access invoice and payment history
  • Downloadable PDF invoice
  • Partial payments possible

Built for: Small business owners who are PayPal account holders.

5. Square

square invoice generator

Available on iOS and Android

About Square: Square is the free mobile app for invoicing by the famous payment gateway Square POS. It works almost the same as PayPal invoicing, except that Square is only available on iOS and Android. If your business is using Square POS for payments, this is a great add-on as an invoicing tool. Square can store and retrieve client data when necessary. Users will be charged only while using the payment option. Also, users can only utilize the Square payment gateway via this bill-making software.

Features of Square:

  • Create and send unlimited invoices
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Client portal
  • Invoice workflow automation
  • Business performance analytics

Built for: Square Users and small business owners.

Now that you know some of the easy invoice software for small businesses, choose the one you think has all the features you need. There is no point in using an invoice creator which has features that are of no use to you. We think Zenys invoice generator would suit your business the best as it has some really cool features none of the other invoice software has. Go to Zenys , create a sample invoice and see for yourself!