Size of Facebook Cover Photo: Best Practices

size of facebook cover photo

What is the first thing that a user sees when they visit your Facebook profile?  It’s your profile picture and your Facebook cover photo. 

Studies show that you have got only seconds to make a first impression online. Therefore, your Facebook profile should have a cover photo that reflects your personality and your brand. It should be top-notch and visually appealing.

facebook cover photo

Creating your Facebook cover photo can be a little tricky though. You need to get the size and dimensions right that fits both your mobile device and desktop. That’s why we have made a guide on the right size of Facebook cover photo and the best practices to create stylish Facebook cover photo images.

You can also download Facebook cover photos for free here. We have added 10 templates for different industries. 

Size of Facebook Cover Photo

  • For desktop, the dimensions of Facebook cover photo is 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall. And, for mobile screens, it is 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall.
  • It should be at least 400 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall.
  • Recommended file format  is JPG or sRGB file less than 100 Kb.
  • If your cover photo has a logo or text, upload a PNG file for better results.

Following the size guidelines, you can create your own cover photo. But make sure that the main image of your cover photo occupies the focal point and doesn’t get cropped out. There are more things to consider while uploading your cover photo. We have rounded up some of the best practices to follow to get amazing results.

Best Practices for Creating Facebook Cover Photo Images

1. Design it for your desktop and mobile

Almost  98% of Facebook audience are mobile users. So, you need to make sure that your cover photo fits both desktop and mobile views. 

In mobile phones, some portions of the cover photo might get cropped out. 

Here is an example.

In Desktop

desktop view of facebook cover photo

In Mobile

mobile view of facebook cover photo

Here you can see that the text is not completely visible in the mobile view. So keep in mind that if you are adding text or important objects in the cover photo, you need to place it in the central part or in the space which is visible both on mobile and desktop.

2. Limit the use of texts

Although Facebook has removed the 20% text rule, it is a better practice to limit the use of it. 

A cover photo loaded with text can look distracting. Instead, you can use an image that speaks about your brand. You can maybe include one tag line in the cover photo and keep it balanced.

starbucks cover photo

3. Right align your focus image

Your Facebook profile should look professional and balanced. So, it is important that you do not make your profile look too crowded. 

One reason this happens is when you place your focus image on the left side of your cover photo just above your profile picture. This can make the users difficult to distinguish between your profile photo and cover photo.

By placing your photo on the right side, your profile will seem to have enough space and also you’ll get the attention of users to your focal image. 

fitbit cover photo

If you are highlighting events or discount offers in your cover photo, add links to the destination in the description. 

There are chances that people might click on your cover photo. To make it easier for them to redirect to your destination, this can help you. You can add a small Facebook cover photo caption and a call to action with a link inserted. Here is an example.

cover photo description

5. Add new updates or events

If you have any upcoming events, product launches or any important updates about your brand you can make it your cover photo. This is a great Facebook marketing strategy that attracts users and let them know what is happening in your business.

You can use tools like Canva, DesignWizard to create attractive images and infographics. Make sure you abide by the Facebook guidelines while uploading it. 

netflix cover photo

Now that you know the size of Facebook cover photo and the best practices you can start creating your Facebook cover photo pic. For ideas for Facebook cover photos, you can check out our template guide with free 10 templates. You can modify the templates as you wish and upload them. 

Wrapping it up

Once you have customized your Facebook profile with a stylish cover photo, you can start following the best practices for increasing engagement.  When you start getting leads and inquiries from Facebook make sure to keep proper track of them. For that, you can use a business management tool like Zenys. Using Zenys you can easily create contacts, schedule follow-ups and tasks for each so that you can keep track of your potential customers.