You can track important metrics of your business by creating reports based on your needs. Use filters, segment reports, download data and see how your business is progressing.

Here we will discuss how to:

Select Reports

Reports are organized into different groups such as contacts, sales, support, tasks and so on. We provide you with some basic reports in each group which include customers in pipeline, customers won, sales won, monthly tasks, monthly collection and many more. 

To select reports:

  • Click on the Dashboard icon in the left navigation bar and select ‘Reports’.
  • Click on the required report group on the side of the page.
  • Select the report which you want to view.

You will be taken to the report details page where you can filter reports, view the report graphs and download the table data.

Create Custom Reports

Every business will have different metrics to measure its business performance. So you can create reports to your report groups using specific filters.

  • Click on the Dashboard icon in the left navigation bar and select ‘Reports’.
  • Click on ‘Add Report’ button.
  • In the pop-up enter the group to which you want to add the report and input the report name.

You will be taken to the reports detail page.

  • Click on the filter icon to filter reports based on specific data. For example, to get reports on customers added by a specific team member, click on the ‘Field name’ field and select ‘Created by’ and enter the condition.
  • If you need to add more filters click on the plus icon below.

You can also use the filter field in the above table data to filter reports.