Photography Marketing Ideas That Work Like Crazy

You might be highly skilled and passionate about your photography profession. But, just because you are extraordinary in your work does not mean that you can reach the heights you dream of. There should be some effort from your side too to help yourself be known to the world. And, that’s where marketing your business comes in. Just forget all the conventional methods of marketing like ads, magazines, brochures etc. It is just a waste of time and money. We are talking about online marketing for your photography business that can work wonders. It’s not that big a deal, though. Just a few tips and tricks and everything will be right in place as you dreamt.

In this blog, you can find the top 7 photography marketing ideas that you can implement for your business to show your professionalism to the world.

1. Use Social Networking

social media

For businesses like yours, social media is a blessing. You can use social media platforms in many ways from promoting your business, gaining the attention of potential clients, increasing audience engagement to getting insights about your audience.

  • Use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Flickr to post your recent photos and works.
  • Instagram is ideally suited for photographers. It can do more than what you think. By regularly posting you can win a huge following base quickly.
  • Have a disciplined schedule of posting on social media. Automate your postings on social media by using automation tools like hootsuite.

2. Set up a Google Business account

Imagine a person searching for a photographer on google and finds your profile on the top lists. Yes! You can now get on the top lists of ranking by creating a Google Business Account.

Just Add your Business to Google and get listed for free. Upload photos of your works, as sometimes it shows up in the search results. You can also get reviews once you have a Google Business account.

3. Blogging

Blogging is not only for giving readers updates on new contents. It is a marketing strategy too.

  • People would hesitate to work with those who are not so lively in their industry. So, by taking up blogging, you’ll create an impression on the audience that you are active.
  • In your website post photography blogs with your best photographs to build an audience.
  • Choose contents that you think would most likely be the ones that your clients want to know more about. For example, a wedding photographer can publish a blog on the latest trends of wedding photography, tips to get the perfect bridal shoot etc. So, make sure you are writing for your target audience.

4. Build an email list

The simplest, but the most powerful way to get more clients is building an email list and sending regular newsletters to your subscribers. Advertising to people who are already interested in your work is a very easy but effective marketing technique. In the newsletters include things that entices your clients like:

  • Any new updates about your business,
  • New discount offers,
  • New blogs, etc.

5. Offer referral bonuses

Do you know that word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing your photography business? Indeed, it is true. 85% of small businesses are discovered by customers due to word-of-mouth recommendations. The benefits are more as it is the most trusted of all forms of marketing. So why leave this to chance.

  • You can easily encourage your clients to refer you to their network by offering them rewards for each referral they make. Think about interesting ways you can carry this out.
  • This also helps you in repeated business. Always remember a happy customer is a repeat customer!

6. Build a Network

  • Get connected with photographers around your area. This is a good way you can earn clients.
  • Use this opportunity to improve your weak points. You get to learn a lot from networking with people in your industry.
  • Promote their business too. Maintain a healthy relationship with them and make them refer you to clients when they are overbooked.

7. Get featured

Increase your exposure by getting featured on platforms where you can probably get your prospective customers.

  • Collaborate with bloggers and reach out to a larger audience. Find out bloggers that feature photography and whose followers are the segments you target and promote your business.
  • Create your portfolios on digital platforms as well. The key is to make customers reach you.
  • Create a profile at online platforms like Zenys. Post your photos, fill out your details, and get customer inquiries quickly.

Above all of this, you need to manage your business in the right way and work to improve client satisfaction, as customers are key to the success of your business. Make managing your business simple by using an online business management software like Zenys and find time to implement all the above photography marketing strategies . On Zenys you can add contact details, create sales opportunities, track events and payments , schedule appointments, create invoices and do many more to manage your client relationships. To generate high quality leads, Zenys is the best platform for you. Create an online profile on Zenys and increase your online presence. Start your free trial for 2 months right now and see the results.