Message Templates

Typing the same message over and over again for different customers can be a daunting task. And it’s even worse when you need to send it via different channels like WhatsApp or SMS. With the message templates feature in Zenys you can easily create a message template for WhatsApp or SMS and automate them. 

Here, we will learn how to:

Create message templates

  • Click on your profile icon and select ‘Settings’. Under the ‘Communication’ section, click on ‘ Message Templates’.
  • Click on “ Add New Template”.
  • In the ‘template for’ option select ‘Whatsapp’ or SMS.
  • Next, choose your “template record type” option. ‘Template type option lets you set messages to different types.  For example, if the message template you are creating is intended for sending a welcome message when a contact is created, then choose the contact template option. Similarly, you can send messages in other views such as sales, services, invoices etc.
  • Next, Enter the template name and the matter.
  • Add merge fields to your messages and make them personalized. Using the merge field you get an option to add fields such as the name of your contact/customer in the templates. (Read further to find out how you can add merge fields).
  • After entering the text, click on “Save Template”.

How to add merge fields?

How about an easy way to update any kind of contact/ sales information in your message without having to type them manually? Using merge fields in your message templates you can easily do that. 

Merge fields are tags that can be used in your messages which are replaced by the appropriate content that you have stored. Merge fields are also a great way to make your messages look personalized, even without having to create them separately. 

For example, if you need to include your contact’s email address in the message, you simply have to select the corresponding merge field at the place where you want to display the email address. Let’s see how you can add merge fields in your message template.

  • Follow the first four steps mentioned above.
  • In the text, wherever you want to add merge fields enter ‘#’ and a drop-down menu will appear. The menu options will vary depending on the ‘template for’ option you choose. If you choose ‘contact’ as the ‘template for’’ option the following will appear in the merge field menu. 
  • Choose from the options, the merge field you want to add. Once you have completed the text, click ‘Save template’.