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10+ Linkedin Inmail Templates to Boost Sales

linkedin inmail template

Linkedin is one of the powerful social platforms having over 300 million active users. Of that, most of them use Linkedin for growing their business. And, Linkedin Inmails is an important tool that people rely on for generating leads and engaging them.

According to LinkedIn research, Linkedin messages achieve an 80% reply rate which is 3 times higher than normal emails. This is one main reason why you should be using Linkedin Inmails.

Since you are here we guess you are already familiar with Linkedin Inmails. But you might need a little more guidance to help you create LinkedIn message templates and achieve the best response rates

In this article, you will find 11 Linkedin Inmail Templates that will work for your business and a guide to how you can send Linkedin Inmails.

Linkedin Inmail Templates Quick Links

11 Linkedin Inmail Templates

1. Initial Inmail introducing your business

To start with, you can send an Inmail to your prospect introducing yourself and your business. 

Take a look at a sample LinkedIn Inmail template.

Hi [prospect name],

I am [your name], [position] at [company name]. We provide [ product / service] that can help [usp]. Let me know if you are interested. If you know of anyone for whom our product can be of help, please let me know. 

Would love to connect.


[your name]

2. Requesting a meeting

If you feel like your lead might be interested in your product you can invite them for a meeting in person.

Here is a Linkedin message example.

Hi [prospect name],

I am [your name], [position] at [company name]. We have recently launched a [product] that can help you with [benefit]. If you are interested I would love to meet you personally and explain more about our product. 

Please let me know what day will work for you.


[your name]

3. Pitching your product

You can also start a conversation with your prospect by mentioning the product/service you offer and how it can be beneficial for them.

Here is an idea to draft your Linkedin Inmail.

Hi [prospect name],

I noticed that you are a [profession], so thought of getting connected with you to share something valuable.

We have recently launched a [product] that helps [target audience] to [value proposition]. Our product mainly helps in:

  1. [feature 1]
  2. [feature 2]
  3. [feature 3]

Our [product/service] is not limited to this! We provide even more cool features.

 If you feel like our product could be beneficial for your business feel free to message me.

Would love to have a quick call and discuss how our product can help you.


[your name]

4. Offering a free trial for your service

The best way to attract your target audience is by offering free trials for your service. This helps your prospects know more about your product and increases brand awareness.Also, research shows that conversion rates increase by 50% on offering free trials

You can use this tactic on Linkedin too and send Inmail to your leads offering free trials for your service.

You can check out this Linkedin Inmail template to draft your message.

Hi [prospect name],

I am [your name], [position] at [company name]. We have recently launched a [product] that can help you with [benefit].

I would like to offer you a free trial for [free trial period]. You can start your free trial by [mention how they can opt for your free trial]

I would love to hear from you how you like our product. Please let me know your feedback.


[your name]

5. Comparing competitor’s product

Another tactic to get yourself in front of your prospects is comparing your product with your competitor they are currently using. 

Mention your product and explain how it is better than your competitor. 

You can find prospects by doing an Advanced Search using the Linkedin Sales Navigator tool and reach out to them. 

Here is a Linkedin message example.

Hi [prospect name].

I noticed that you are using [competitor name] for [purpose]. So I would like to introduce our [product] that is similar to [competitor name]. 

We offer features like [mention the benefits of your product]. However, we also provide [features that are not present in your competitor] that can help you in [benefit]

If you are interested, feel free to check out our product. I am happy to offer you a trial for [free trial period]. Please try using our product and do let me know how it works for you.


[your name]

6. Reaching out via mutual connections

Reaching out to someone having mutual connections is a great way to build your trust and create a personal connection. 

You can use this Linkedin Inmail template and modify it the way you want.

Hi [prospect name],

I noticed that we both have [mutual connection] as a mutual connection and both of you are from the same industry. So, I thought of sharing something that can be valuable for you.

I am a [job title] at [company name]. We have recently launched a [product] that helps [usp]. These are some of the features we offer:


Are you interested in using our [product]? I would be more than happy to do a quick call and explain more about our [product]. 

Please let me know when you will be available.


[your name]

7. Connecting for finding something similar

Finding something in common between you and your prospect and mentioning it makes your Linkedin Inmail look more personalized. There are higher chances of getting a reply by sending personalized messages.

It can be a similar job role, industry, interest or anything that can be helpful to initiate a conversation.

In this Linkedin message example, we have taken a scenario where your prospect and you share a similar industry. 

Hi [prospect name],

I have got a chance to look at your profile and was glad to see that we both work in the same industry.

I would love to connect with you!. 

[your name]

8. Reaching out to a member of the same group

Once you join the right Linkedin groups that are in your niche, look for the members and find out your potential customers. You can filter out based on groups using Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Then, reach out to them through Linkedin Inmail. Here is a sample Linkedin Inmail template that can help you.

Hi [prospect name],

I am [your name] working at [company]. Noticed that we both are in the same group, [group name]. Since you are interested in [your industry], I thought of reaching out to you to share something valuable.

We have recently launched a [product/service] that I feel you might be interested in. If you are, can we have a quick call this week? 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


[your name]

9. For collaboration or partnership

Collaborating with people in your niche is a great way to get referrals. You can reach out to them for partnership and offer something in return.

Here is a sample Linkedin Inmail template.

Hi [prospect name],

I am [your name] working in [industry]. Found that you are also working in the same industry. 

 I know a group of people who are looking for the kind of service you offer.  I think it would be great if we collaborate.

Let me know if you are interested.


[your name]

10. Reaching out on a recommendation

A warm outreach method is much better than reaching out to unknown people. Ask your connections if they know about people who might be interested in your service and reach out to them. 

This way you can seem more trustworthy and credible. Take a look at a Linkedin message template.

Hi [prospect name],

I am [your name] working as a [job role] in [company name]. I hope you know [ mutual connection name]. We had a chat last day and I heard that you were looking for [service]. I am glad to inform you that we provide [product/service] that can solve your problem. 

How about a quick call on [day] so that I explain to you more about our product?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


[your name]

11. Follow up

If you have not received a reply to your Inmail, send another follow-up Inmail referring to your previous message. Follow-ups are very important and you need to do them without fail. 

Studies show that businesses lose almost 98% of their sales for not following up with their customers. So sending follow up Inmails is very essential. 

This is a sample Linkedin message template that you can use or modify as per your needs.

Hi [prospect name],

I hope you have gone through the message I sent on [date]. I think it was not the right time to connect with you.

Please let me know if you would like to know more about our product. I would be happy to arrange a quick meeting to explain more about our product. 

Would [day] work for you?

If you are not interested, please do let me know.

Have a great day!


[your name]

How to Send Linkedin Inmails?

Linkedin Inmails are similar to regular messages. One main advantage of Linkedin Inmail is that it allows you to directly message people who are not already connected to you. 

While sending Inmail follow these guidelines:

Now, let’s see how you can send Linkedin Inmails. Before that make sure you have upgraded your Linkedin account to the Premium version.

1. Search for the person you want to send Inmail to in the Linkedin search bar.

2. Go to their profile and click ‘Message’.

3. Since you are not connected to the person you will be redirected to the Linkedin Inmail message box.

4. Enter the matter and click ‘Send’.

Wrapping it up

Find the right people to target, send the right messages and win more sales. If you want to build a large community of followers and generate high-quality leads, Linkedin Inmails is the best option to use. 

If you need any guidance in drafting Inmails you can come here anytime and check out the templates we have shared. Use them or modify them the way you want. 

Also, don’t forget that following up with your leads is important. Once you start generating leads, keep proper track of them. You can try Zenys for free and make following up with your leads and clients much organised and easier.

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