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10 Attractive Background for LinkedIn Profile

background for linkedin profile

Linkedin is one of the largest social media platforms with over 500 million users. To make your profile stand out from the crowd the first step is to optimize your profile page.

Along with providing a good quality profile photo for Linkedin and the right headline you can enhance your profile by uploading an impressive Linkedin profile background. Here is where you can be creative to make your profile look outstanding.                                                                

If you are looking for some inspiration you have come to the right place. In this blog, you can find some sample background for Linkedin profiles based upon different industries. You can also check out tips you should follow while creating your profile.

First of all, let’s look at the LinkedIn profile cover photo guidelines provided by Linkedin. 

Linkedin profile background image size

Your  background for Linkedin profile should have the following specifications:

Make sure to upload a high-quality Linkedin profile cover photo. Blurry pictures can be distracting and can affect the overall look of your profile. Linkedin recommends using images with a larger file size if your image looks pixelated. If it still looks blurry you can try using compression tools before uploading the picture. 

Why should you add a Linkedin profile background?

You might be wondering why it is important to add a background image for LinkedIn. 

When someone checks your profile the first few things they notice are your profile picture, LinkedIn banner and your headline. To make a first impression, giving some attention to your cover photo can really help you. 

If you are going with the default banner image your profile will look bland and unimpressive. 

Add some colour or attractive images to your background that goes with the theme of your brand. Here are some tips and examples that might help you. 

11 LinkedIn profile background Ideas

1. Work Space

If you feel like your workspace looks attractive why not brag about it a bit. You can use a picture of your working desk, office space, meeting space or boardroom. This gives a sophisticated look and shows professionalism. 

If you have a very creative work environment this is the best way to show it off to your audience.

2. Professional Community

Adding a picture of your community helps in showing that you value them. An image with your clients, customers or employees could give an impression that you are a people person. 

For example: If you work in a social service organisation, show your community featuring your organisers and the people you serve in the photo. 

You can use stock images if required. There are many Linkedin background image HD available online. Just make sure you choose photos that are relevant to your industry.

3. Client’s End Benefit

Showing your clients’ end benefit from using your service or product brings out your value proposition. You are not directly pitching your product, but you are communicating the benefit of it very well through your Linkedin banner.

For example: If you are a nutritionist give an image of healthy people enjoying their diet. Or if you are an architect you can showcase an image featuring a family living in a beautiful house. 

4. Tools of Trade

An easy way for your community to relate to your business is having an image of a product or an object that is in your line of work. 

For example a piece of medical equipment if you are in the medical field, a camera or lens if you are a photographer, a computer screen if you are a web developer, a colour wheel if you are an interior designer,  etc

5. Hobbies and Interest

If you are holding an individual profile the best way to communicate to your audience about your personality is to showcase your hobby, interest or extracurriculars in your Linkedin cover photo.

Say, you are a person who loves travelling. Then, get a nice shot of your favourite trip. If you are a personal trainer, share a picture of yourself working out. 

These tricks allow you to reflect your personality on your Linkedin profile page.

6. Landscape

An image of a city skyline or a landmark allows you to show where your work is based. It gives a personal touch and shows that you have connections in the place.

Make sure to add beautiful and visually appealing images of the place you choose.


If you have recently come across a quote that has inspired you and goes well with your personality or the job you are doing, you can use it in your Linkedin banner. 

Let’s say you are a photographer. Pick a famous quote that is related to photography and add it to your Linkedin profile background. You can use tools like Canva to add text to background images.

8. Abstract Images

If you want to keep your Linkedin background simple but creative you can apply solid colour or abstract designs.

A colour or a design that matches your brand theme is a good option for promoting your brand. If you are a creative person or running a creative business, this type of background will suit you.

9. Professional Achievement

Adding highlights of your career is a good way to make your profile look professional. If you have recently conducted a seminar or received an award share it through your Linkedin profile background. 

This will help you establish yourself as a professional and credible person. 

10. Customised Images

If you want to add a personal touch to your background for Linkedin profile you can customize the images the way you want. 

You can add your logo, tagline or company hashtags in the image. You can also include your email address or your other social media accounts. This is a great way to promote your brand and expand your community.

How to Upload a Background for Linkedin profile


Now that you have got some inspiration to create your Linkedin banners, go ahead and start optimizing your profile the best way possible. You can either use any of these pictures if it suits your business or use tools like Canva, Design Wizard etc. 

Once you are done optimizing your profile follow the best strategies to get leads and grow your brand on Linkedin. For managing your leads from Linkedin and never missing out on following up with them use Zenys. Zenys lets you manage business starting right from adding contacts to collecting payments online. Start using Zenys for free and see it works for your business.

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