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Instagram Bios for Businesses | 9 Tips

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Your Instagram bio is the perfect place to introduce your brand. It can also help you get discovered on Instagram. Writing Instagram bios for businesses may seem easy to some, after all, it’s just a couple of lines. However, when used effectively, it can be very powerful. However, it is not as simple as it seems.

Making your Instagram bio stand out is one of the best ways to get people’s attention. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you perfect your bio.

Instagram Bios for Businesses

On your Instagram profile page, an Instagram bio is a 150-character description of yourself. Users can view your photos to learn more about you. By adding a bio, you can tell them more about who you are.

Ensure that your Instagram bio conveys your brand personality and lets your audience know why they’re here. When someone reads your bio, they should know what you do and why they should follow you.

It’s a lot to expect from such a small amount of text. To create the best ig bio for business you will need some creative Instagram bio ideas and tricks.

You can also learn how to create an Instagram business account by visiting our blog.

Identify the Goals of your Instagram Bio

That is a question you need to answer before you start building Instagram bios for businesses. Small businesses, influencers, bloggers, and big businesses might have different objectives. Therefore, you should start by creating your own business goals.

Listed below are a couple of goals you might want to consider:

After setting up the goal, follow our easy steps for creating the best insta bio for business account.

Choose a Good Photo for your Bio

While making the best Instagram bios for businesses,  selecting a good photo plays a crucial role. Consider using a photo with your face on it if you’re a brand yourself. After all, photographs featuring faces get 38 percent more likes on Instagram in general, so your profile photo could have a significant impact on your followers.

There’s more to it than that, though. Seeing the face of a company or brand makes it appear more personable, friendly, and open. When choosing a photo, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too detailed; else, it will appear too blurry. 

Instagram is all about engaging and linking with your audience, not distancing yourself from them, therefore the photo shouldn’t look too formal.

You can use the logo of your business if your brand isn’t about a person. When it comes to Instagram bios, keep in mind that brand symbols are better than signatures. If you want to use both signatures and symbols to represent yourself, try to limit your profile photo to a single symbol.

Write a Bio That Represents your Business Well

For constructing the best Instagram bio for entrepreneurs, you should create it in such a way that your bio best describes your business motto. Is it better to have a long or short bio? Should emojis be included or not?

It all relies on your business, its image, and its mission. As a result, you should spend some time setting your vision of your brand into words.

The words you choose should also have a connection with the rest of your social media strategy. It may depend on how you usually draft tweets or Facebook status or the tone you use often.

Make a list of words and emotions you’d like to be linked with your brand. Look for inspiration in the bios of similar brands. Make sure that you don’t imitate others. Your brand must have its own distinct voice.

Consider Adding Emojis to Your Bio

Did you notice that emojis appear in 50% of Instagram comments and captions? People seem to enjoy it, so why not take advantage of it?

Emojis are frequently added to create your brand appear more emotional and friendly. Emojis can also be employed to effectively break up your bio. When words can’t properly explain what you’re trying to say, emojis help in reinforcing vocabulary.

They can also be used to convey a sense of joy or playfulness that plain words cannot. Emojis can also help you simplify your bio because a small number of them can express different meanings.

But be careful with it. It’s not about adding random emojis in your posts, but including them correctly. Not everyone understands emojis the same way you do, and there’s also an emoji language to take into account while using them for building instagram bios for businesses.

Use Branded Hashtags

It has been observed that 7 out of every 10 business accounts on Instagram use branded hashtags. Why don’t we try it out!

You can include a branded hashtag in your bio if you have one or want to have one for your business. This will enable your audience to share content or communicate their opinions on your goods and services.

If you’re creating Instagram bios for businesses, hashtags are an excellent way to get feedback from your audience, whether it’s through reviews, images of your products, or whatever your business is all about. 

If you use relevant hashtags in your Instagram bio, people will find your page more easily in search results, making it more visible. You can also inform people about what your page is about and what its purpose is.

Your profile bio is the only place Instagram will allow you to add a clickable link. Therefore you must use it wisely while creating Instagram bios for businesses. To add a visual webpage to your Instagram bio link, consider a tool like Elink. So grab the chance to send customers to your other Instagram accounts or relevant, tagged content.

For businesses that handle several Instagram accounts, the ability to add profile links is extremely useful. 

To include a link in your Instagram bio, follow these steps:

Once you’ve updated the link in your bio, make sure to test it on both a desktop and a mobile device to confirm it works properly on both.


Add a Call to Action

Although the call-to-action buttons free up a lot of space in your bio, it doesn’t hurt to get more direct with your CTA. You should include a CTA in your bio so people know exactly what to do when they visit your profile.

Make sure you are very specific with this based on the goal of your Instagram business account. 

Additionally, Instagram offers better options such as the book, reserve, and get tickets action buttons, which bring people to forms provided by Instagram service providers such as Appointy, Eventbrite, OpenTable, and Resy.

In order to grow your Instagram following, you can even add a CTA to “follow us” for your regular content such as recipe updates, fashion posts, etc.

Follow the steps to add an Action button

Promotional Offers on Display

Your Instagram bio is your brand’s promotional tool. What a great way to make the most of your bio space, isn’t it?

This is something that can be done on a regular basis. Additionally, you could include a link to an upcoming event, such as a webinar, as well as a help page you have to assist your customers to get started.

Ready to Write an Excellent Instagram Bio?

The Instagram bio may only be 150 characters long, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Your presentation is an opportunity to tell the audience who you are, how they can connect with you, and what products and services you offer. You can also use it as a way to drive traffic to your website.

Hence, you should devote some time to crafting a great Instagram bio. There is no overly specific definition of ‘good’ here, so you should keep that in mind. 

You can also learn about creating quality content for your Instagram account, which will help you to boost your Instagram engagement and increase your leads on your business profile.

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