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Tips on Creating an Instagram Business Account

Creating an Instagram Business Account 

Instagram introduced its business profiles in 2016. Ever since its inception, the need for creating an Instagram business account has brought in a whole new era of social media marketing. The advantages of having an Instagram business account have been tremendous. 

With the introduction of business accounts, contact buttons have emerged, Instagram purchasing has gained in popularity, and the platform has developed its own metrics. Everyone now has an Instagram business profile, from businesses to startups to influencers.

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What is an Instagram Business Account?

Instagram users can choose an Instagram business account as a free professional profile option. A business profile comes with a few additional social media marketing tactics than a personal profile, including:

If you run a brand and have an Instagram plan for selling things, marketing your business, or simply increasing brand awareness through engagement, you’ll profit from a business account on Instagram. You can lean on creating an Instagram account for business easily by following the steps listed below.

How to Create an Instagram Business Account ?

Creating an Instagram business account from scratch is an easy process. If you are new to Instagram follow the steps below and create your business account within no time.

Your Instagram profile has now been created. You’ll be provided with a personal account by default, so here’s how to change to a business account!

You now have an Instagram account for your business! You’ll see a list of tasks to complete your onboarding process on the following page. They include:

1. Complete your Profile

To complete your profile information, select the profile button in the bottom right corner, then click on the “Edit Your Profile” button. This is where you add the rest of the details.

Fill in the areas for your bio and contact information. You can learn about creating the best Instagram bio for business by visiting our page.

The only location on Instagram where you can use a clickable URL is here. Your URL will direct people to your preferred business website or blogs. Therefore always provide your business URL for people to explore and engage.

2. Explore the Business Tools

To complete your profile and take advantage of the resources available, select the “Try Instagram for Business Tools” option and follow the self-guided steps and instructions. Here’s how you get started using Instagram’s business tools, according to Instagram.

3. Connect your Facebook Page

Your next step is to connect your Facebook Page if you’re creating or switching to a business profile. To perform this action, you’ll need admin access to your business’s Facebook page. Your business profile is ready to go as you confirm which Facebook Page you want to connect to your Instagram account. 

4. Start Sharing Content

After creating a Instagram business account and completing all the processes you are ready to share content on your page. Before you start following people, it’s a good idea to have a photo or two on your account.  People aren’t encouraged to follow an account that doesn’t have any content.

Sharing quality content will also help you to boost your Instagram engagement rate thereby actively interacting with your followers.

You can learn how to create Instagram content with high quality for your business by visiting our page.

How to Change Your Instagram to a Business Account from an Existing Profile.

As you have noticed, creating a business account on Instagram is an easy step. Now that you understand the process of creating an Instagram business account from scratch, let’s have a look at how to make an Instagram for business account from an existing profile step by step.

That’s it! You have a new Instagram business account.

Why Should You Switch to an Instagram Business Account?

Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the features and tools that make Instagram for Business so great! 

1. Instagram Insights for Professional Accounts

You can access your professional dashboard by clicking the Insights button on your profile. Inside are the following features:

2. Create and Manage Ads 

You can advertise on Instagram and easily promote a post from within Instagram by creating an Instagram business account. To create an Instagram promotion from an existing post, simply tap the Promote button on your profile and select the end destination (your Instagram profile, website, or direct message).

Your next step is to choose your audience or create a custom audience, set your budget, and send your ad for approval! That’s it!

You can also manage paid ads, set budgets, and collaborate with Instagram Influencers and Creators through Facebook Ads Manager!

3. Action Buttons for Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram for Business has a new feature called action buttons.

Instagram developed action buttons as part of COVID-19 to create digital interactions and experiences that support small businesses on the platform. Here’s a quick look at the Action buttons that are available on your profile!

4. Instagram Shopping and Checkout

With Instagram Shops, you can now shop directly on the platform, and business profiles can connect their storefront to Facebook and Instagram to build a product catalogue directly on their profile!

After you’ve set up Instagram Shops, you can also tag products directly in posts and stories. A viewer can make a purchase by tapping your shoppable post and will be taken to the item in your shop!

A new feature called Instagram Checkout will allow shoppers to buy directly from the app, which will be rolled out globally soon. Shoppers can purchase items directly from your website landing page in global regions outside of the United States.

5. Auto Posting with an Instagram Business Account

Instagram business profiles have the advantage of enabling auto-posting. Business owners who want to plan their Instagram content in advance will find this feature useful.

At the moment, Instagram’s API only allows auto-posting for business accounts. Therefore, this feature cannot be accessed from a Creator or Personal account.

A business account on Instagram should be your first choice if you plan and create consistent content on Instagram for your account.

Instagram Business Account Strategy

Having your Instagram business account up and running will allow you to interact with friends and clients while building your brand. After you’ve mastered posting and interacting with Instagram, it’s time to think about how it can help you to increase your Instagram leads and grow your business. 

Check out the best tips on creating a successful strategy and other tips for growing your business on Instagram by following our page.

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