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  1. How can Zenys help in choosing the best photographers near you?

    It is your special day! So, capture every beautiful moment and cherish them forever. On Zenys you can find the right person who can make this happen. We have a list of best photographers in Kerala from which you can choose the one you think is the best to make your photo albums look wonderful. You can look into :
    • the name of the photography firm or the photographer
    • their experience
    • the contact details
    • the products and services they offer
    • the pictures of their recent works
    • their payments
    and choose the best photographer in Kerala that best suits your needs and style.

  2. How to hire professional photographers in Kerala?

    Whether it is a birthday function, wedding or any other events which you think are moments that should be treasured for your lifetime, they all require a professional photographer to capture those happening moments. To scale up your event’s photography, you need to hire the best and the right photographer who are able to work according to the styles you prefer. Here are some of the things you should consider while you hire a photographer.
    1. Use of advanced and latest photography equipment : Make sure that the photographers use professional camera lenses for various kinds of shots.Not just camera lenses, the photographers must be using the right background, props and lighting arrangements to create an amazing photo.
    2. Editing Matters! : Getting you the perfect pictures does not end with the click of the camera shutter. It's all about how your photographs are edited. Hire photographers who have good knowledge of editing.
    3. Experience: It's always better if you check the years of experience of a photographer. Photographers who know what works in the field and are up to date with the latest techniques and trends of photography, wedding photography or other event photography, are the ones you should consider while hiring.
    Now that you know what all reasons to look into while hiring a photographer, check them on Zenys, which is a listing platform for photographers, and make the right call!

  3. Questions to ask before hiring a professional photographer in Kerala.

    Here are some of the questions you can ask your photographer:
    1. What are the photography gear items you use?
    2. How long have you been in this field?
    3. Have you taken up similar events? If so, could you please show me some pictures of the event?
    4. What photography style do you prefer?
    5. What are the wedding photography services you provide? ( if you need them to capture your wedding).
    6. What are the different packages?
    7. How much do you charge for each package?
    8. What are the post production work processes you do?

  4. What are the different services provided by wedding photographers in Kerala?

    There are different kinds of Kerala Wedding Photography services offered. Some of them are:
    • Candid Wedding Photography
    • Traditional Photography
    • Theme Based Photography
    • Drone shots
    • Detailed Photography

  5. How can Zenys help me in finding the best professional photographer in Kerala?

    If you are looking for a wedding photographer to make your auspicious day memorable, this is the right place for you. Zenys is a listing platform where you can find the best photographers in India. Based on different states we have categorised them and it is easy for you to find out the best photographer near you. To choose the best wedding photographer in Kerala, you just have to click on search services , enter the category, state and district and start your search.

  6. What to check before hiring wedding photographers in Kochi? ( based on districts) Here are some of the things to check before you hire a wedding photographer.
    1. Identify the Style: Always make sure to ask the photographer their specialised style, If you prefer any style, communicate with the photographer and ensure that they are well skilled in it.
    2. Make sure you connect : Have a personal meeting with your photographer and decide if the person goes well with your likings and needs.
    3. Budget: What wedding photography services do you expect? Is it just for the wedding day or are you planning for a pre wedding and post wedding shoot? Well, to estimate your budget it is important that you take into account the services you are opting for. Ask the wedding photographer about the different packages they offer and the charges.

  1. How much time do photographers take to deliver the final album?

    The final album may take a maximum of 6 weeks from the day of shoot to be delivered. The best photographers in Kerala handle all types of photography such candid wedding photography, and can arrange a provision of streaming the function through youtube live wedding.

  2. How many days in advance should I book a photographer?

    It is advisable to book the photographer one month in advance, but if you want the best photographers in Kerala or best wedding photographers in Kerala, you have to book way in advance as their calendars may be booked for many consecutive months in advance.

  3. Will I get videography service too from the photographer I hire?

    Almost all of the best photographers in India and the major photographers in Kerala provide videography services at an additional cost. It is advised that you have a meeting the photographer inorder to understand the various services they offer, which may include wedding candid photography, Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Candid Photography,Candid Cinematography, Fashion photography, Maternity photography, Newborn baby photography, Pre-wedding Photoshoots,Traditional Photography, Bridal Portraits, Drone Photography, Real Estate Photographers etc.

  4. What happens if a client goes over the contracted amount of time?

    Every professional photographer in Kerala is well aware that things won't always go as planned. Most professional photographers in India will agree to remain behind for an additional fee if an extension is required.

  5. 5.Which photographer will be most suitable for covering a wedding?

    Wedding photographers are best suitable for covering weddings. Visit Zenys and you could find the best wedding photographers in India and the top wedding photographers in Kerala. They provide a wide range of services such as Pre-wedding Photoshoots, wedding candid photography, Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Candid Photography,Candid Cinematography, Bridal Portraits, Drone Photography.

  6. Can I find wedding photographers in my locality?

    You could easily find the best wedding photography service provider and the best candid photographer near you using Zenys. Zenys has a huge database of the top wedding photographers in Kochi. There you could easily find the best wedding photography in Kerala

  7. What are the different services provided by wedding photographers from Kochi?

    Here’s an inexhaustible list of photography services provided by top wedding photographers in Kochi:

    Traditional photography :Indian wedding photographers have been photographing in the traditional or traditional manner since the beginning of time. It is a more formal photographic style in which the bride, groom, and their guests pose for photographs.

    Candid photography: In recent years, candid photography has become increasingly fashionable. Nowadays, instead of posing for images, couples prefer candid wedding photo shots, and almost all wedding photographers offer candid photography services.

    Pre-wedding shoots:One of the most popular wedding photography fads in recent years has been the pre-wedding session. Brides and grooms nowadays use unusual props and travel to beautiful locales for their pre-wedding photo shoot.

    Bridal portraits: Every bride should have some lovely bridal portraits taken. Wedding photographers are taking a variety of bridal photos these days, including classic black and white shots as well as quirky and amusing shots

    Aerial/Drone photography: The aerial photography photos are stunning. Choose drone photography if you want to capture your wedding in the most cinematic way possible. Many wedding photographers now provide drone and aerial photography services.

    Albums: Wedding photographers usually include a wedding album in their photography packages. If you want a specific type of wedding book design cover, you can request it from your wedding photographer.

  8. How much does a wedding photographer in Kochi charge for a day?

    The prices for various wedding photography packages range anywhere from Rs. 35,000 to Rs 2,00,000. The price is also influenced by the location, for example top wedding photographers in Kerala may charge more than the professional photographers in the rest of India.

  9. Should one book a common wedding photographer for both sides?

    The answer is subjective, it depends on the photographer, bride and the groom. Many prefer a common wedding photographer as it saves a lot of money, time and improves communication and coordination during the wedding. Many professional photographers in Kerala do offer this service.

  10. How much is the charge for drone photography for weddings?

    Since drone photography is a skill intensive task, the charges for the same are quite high. In Zenys you could find the best wedding photography in Kerala which offers drone photography at reasonable prices.

  11. What are the trendy wedding photoshoot ideas?

    Some of the trendy wedding photography ideas are Pre-wedding Photoshoots, wedding candid photography,Candid Photography,Candid Cinematography, Bridal Portraits, Drone Photography.

  12. How much is the advance payment for wedding photography?

    The advance payment is highly subjective; it depends on the photographer you hire. Some photographers in Kerala have fixed advance payment rate which has to be paid well in advance of the function.

  13. Can the photographer just do a pre-wedding photoshoot for my wedding?

    Yes, Most photographers would just do a pre wedding photoshoots. You can find the best professionals who provide Wedding photography in Kerala.

  14. Any discounts or offers available for wedding photography?

    Offers may be available but you would have to contact the photographers through Zenys. Most wedding photography Kerala service providers offer discounts and offers inorder to stay competitive.

  15. Do wedding photographers show samples?

    You could easily find samples or their previous work from the public profiles created in Zenys. You could find their reputed works, reviews and others like wedding photo kerala.

  16. Can you provide a wedding invitation video?

    Yes, They can provide a wedding invitation video. Most Kerala wedding photography service providers create wedding invitation video at an additional cost.

  17. How many people will accompany you for the photoshoot?

    The number of people who accompany for the photoshoot depend on the scale of the function. Most of the professional photographers in Kerala would inform you of the number of people well in advance.

  18. Is post-wedding photoshoot available?

    Yes,It is a service provided by almost all of the wedding photographers.

  19. Will the same photographer shoot for all of my wedding-related photoshoots?

    It depends on the wedding photography service you choose. Some of the top wedding photography in Kerala have various photographers who handle various type of photographs such as Pre-wedding Photoshoots, wedding candid photography, Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Candid Photography,Candid Cinematography, Bridal Portraits, Drone Photography.

  20. Is candid videography available?

    Yes, most of the best candid wedding photography service providers offer candid videography.

  21. Are drone photo and video shoots available?

    Yes drone photography and videography are the latest trend in photography and almost all the best photographers in India provide this service.

  22. Will props be provided for a pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoot?

    Yes, most photographers bring all of the items needed for a pre- or post-wedding session.

  23. Will the photographer suggest shooting styles?

    Yes, Professional photographers in Kerala would suggest the style of shooting whether it be candid photography or traditional photography.

  24. Will the photographer provide softcopy of images?

    Yes, All the Kerala wedding photography service providers give their clients a softcopy of images upon their request.

  25. Will the photographers edit the pictures?

    All the professional photographers in Kerala edit, colour correct, and enhance the photographer to ensure the pictures look perfect.

  26. How should one compare photographers and their work?

    You could make use of an online community like Zenys which has a list of the top photographers in India and you can easily compare them with the sample of work they have given in their profiles.

  27. Do I need to have a candid photographer? Can a traditional photographer click candid pictures for me?

    While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding photography, we recommend hiring a mix of traditional and candid photographers to capture your special day. While a traditional photographer may not be able to fully capture candid moments owing to technical limits or inventiveness, combining the two will ensure that your events are captured in a variety of ways.

  28. Where can I find a list of the best photographers in India and abroad?

    Zenys has a list of all the best photographers in India and abroad. You can also find the best wedding photographers, candid wedding photographers etc .. and sort these best professional photographers location wise.

  29. Where do I look for the latest trends in wedding photography?

    Some of the latest trend include pre-wedding Photoshoots, wedding candid photography,Candid Photography,Candid Cinematography, Bridal Portraits, Drone Photography. You can find out the latest trends in photography by accessing Zenys blogs.