In Conversation with Suresh Raman

Suresh Raman, (Raman Suresh Babu) is a well established photographer from Kottayam who has been working in the industry since 2005. He is the owner of the studio, ‘Suresh Raman studio’, in Bangalore. Currently, he works for various advertising agencies and publications, specializing in product, industrial, portrait and travel photography.

After completing his diploma in cinematography from “Kerala Film Academy”, Thiruvananthapuram, he started working as a Graphic designer in Stark Communications for almost two years. Although he had an inclination towards cinematography, his time with Stark Communications gained him knowledge about advertising, which led him to take up advertising photography as a profession. After two years, he came to Bangalore and worked with well known photographers like Kumaran , who is a photographer in the advertising industry, and Sudeep Gurthu for almost six years. From 2005, he started to work independently. With great experience in the field, Suresh Raman set up a base in Bangalore and established his studio ‘Suresh Raman Photography’.

His journey to this profession started right from his childhood when he was passionate about photography, inspired by his own father who is an artist from whom he got the basic idea regarding how a photograph should look like, the dimensions, and the matching colors that should be used. Photographer Balan Madhavan was a true inspiration to him that he wished to take pictures like him.

He has published 3 books titled, “Emerald of Kerala”, “ Bangalore: the city that welcomes all” and “Mysore : The Palace City”. He is well known for the two photography series works done in collaboration with the makeup artist, Sabitha Zawariya which are “ Colour of Colours’ ‘ and “Dream Bridal Makeover”.

Colour of Colours

Colour of Colours was a Kochi based project in which the models were two women with dark skin tone . The pictures had gone viral as it introduced a different experimental portrait. The work also got featured in many magazines like Vanitha. Photographer Suresh Raman intended to speak out to the world through his photographs to break the stereotypes that exist in the society where white skin tone is praised and the black skin tone is considered to be low. This project, Raman says, was able to instill confidence in many people who were feeling low about their skin tone.

Dream Bridal Makeover and photoshoot

This photoshoot was basically focused on women of age more than 40. The theme behind this project is to show how women of that age group who might not have got a chance to get dressed up as brides, would dream of becoming a bride again.

Both these shoots got high reach and went viral and these are the ones, according to him, the most remembered projects.

According to him, the biggest problem in the photography industry is that, with the emergence of digital cameras, the lifetime has reduced. i.e in every 6 months a new version of the cameras are released. He adds that the people in this field have to work harder and faster within this time period in order to get better results and to survive in this field.

In the context of the present scenario where the world is undergoing a crisis due to the Covid pandemic, he says, it greatly affected the photography industry too. For him, it was really a hard time as the companies he was working with had to be closed due to the lockdown. Now things are getting normal in Bangalore, and still hoping for better.

Most of his projects are Bangalore based and he prefers the same as he believes cities like Mumbai and Bangalore are the best for the photography industry. He also has done works in Kerala, one of the best being the Club Mahindra resort photoshoot. Completing 200 projects and with 2 committed and 3 ongoing ones, Suresh Raman, constantly endeavours to bring creativity and trend in each click that he takes. Now, he has joined a Bangalore based company ‘Tribe’, where modeling training and portfolios are offered. If anybody is interested in the same do get in touch with him.

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