In Conversation with Pradeesh P Thambalackadan

Pradeesh P Thambalackadan is a photographer from Charummoodu , Alappuzha district,who strives to capture happy moments and fleeting emotions through his camera lens. Working for almost two years as a photographer and 3-4 years in the wedding field, Pradeesh has acquired great skills in photography and videography and has become one of the best photographers in Alappuzha. He did his diploma in editing and worked as a video editor before entering the photography field. Although Pradeesh established his own company called ‘90’s wedding’ company’ (partnership) in Alappuzha, where he works as both photographer and aerial videographer, he also works for other companies.

Completing more than 500 projects and with almost 30 projects committed, which include wedding shoots, maternity shoots, candid photo shoots etc, Pradeesh attempts to work his best to present his clients’ special moments just the way they desire. As he is more into capturing the true essence and emotions of the event, Pradeesh loves doing candid photography. His favorite among all the works is the Realme ad shoot, which happened in Munnar. It was his first ad and also the first realme video ad released in India. Due to the current pandemic, it did not receive much publicity.

Location of the work does not matter to him. He says, “ I am happy to take up work no matter where the place is”. Now, most of the projects come from Pathanamthitta, Kottayam and Ernakulam districts. Although his profession was hit badly during the first phase of the Covid pandemic, it regained momentum later and now he is busy with his works.

To know more about Pradeesh check out his Zenys Profile. Find out more details about his firm, products and services offered and his works.

Take a look at some of Pradeesh’s works.

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