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In Conversation with Ar. Sailal

Architects in Kerala

Ar. Sailal is the founder of one among the leading architectural firms in Thiruvananthapuram, Breathing Geometry. He is a B.Arch graduate from CET, Trivandrum. Established in 2012, Breathing Geometry specializes in planning and designing residential and hospitality projects.

They design to improve the lifestyle of the inhabitants by creating spaces considering the social, economical, climatological and technological aspects and taking an eco-friendly design approach. The team takes an effort to encourage traditional craftsmanship in the projects as their responsibility to the society. Breathing Geometry constantly strives to achieve SENSIBLY SENSITIVE designs.

With over a decade of experience in the architectural sphere, Ar. Sailal has successfully executed more than 50 projects of different genres pan Kerala. Most projects are located in Trivandrum. The team is comfortable working across Kerala.

Learn more about Ar. Sailal and his firm by checking out his Zenys Profile.

Here are some of his ongoing projects.

Mountain Cubes

The project is situated in a sloped site. They have used this to create spaces in multiple levels without disturbing the terrain. There is a hanging balcony in the front facade of the residence to enjoy the best view. The project has sloped roof with roofing tile on it which hides it from the elevation so that it does not disturb the project style. Large overhanging structures provide shade needed in this tropical climate.

Thoppil House

This residence is situated in a linear plot. The plot helped shape a linear plan with well organized distinct spaces that separate public areas from the private areas. One of the important highlights of this project is the double height central hall with an external courtyard that gives an extended internal green space. Materials played a big role in this project. Many materials were reused from the existing house.

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