In Conversation with Ar. Rohit Palakkal

Ar. Rohit Palakkal, the founder of the architecture firm, Nest Craft Architecture, is a leading architect in Kerala who has been involved in the field for more than 11 years. Established in 2012, Ar. Rohit’s firm is a boutique design studio with multidisciplinary members of professionals. The team focuses on the design and execution of architecture, interiors, landscape, allied design and engineering.

Ar Rohit, after completing his bachelor degree in Architecture from Mumbai University 2009, truly devoted his efforts and time into making his firm one of the best architectural firms in Calicut. Nestcraft has steadily developed into a professional practice with emphasis on values of integrity, commitment and innovation. The office, in addition to the residential projects, offers a wide range of services including projects like commercial complexes, housing projects, religious buildings and interior designs. Under the supervision of Ar. Rohit, the team focuses on the micro levels of design and its execution keeping with the concept of sustainability and also to the budget of each project.

An interesting fact about Rohit’s firm is that Nestcraft is also passionate in educating design. The team of architects delivers workshops for design students on topics like basic design, understanding architecture, art, creativity, lifestyle, space, environment, people and materials. Rohits architectural practice had won several accolades in yesteryears which includes the IIA State awards for architectural excellence, I-GEN young architect awards, IA&B young architect award, FOAID award, Mathrubhumi young architect award, GLITZ Architecture awards etc.

Coming to his style of work, in the conversation, Ar. Rohit said that he does work according to the climate of the place. Although he takes up more of commercial projects, he tries to bring in a traditional element to them. He also has an inclination towards post modern architecture. Apart from his projects in Kozhikode and most of the districts in Kerala, he has also worked on other state projects like Bangalore and Hyderabad. Completing 50 projects and with 30 ongoing ones, Ar. Rohit Palakkal and his team of architects endeavours to create magical spaces for their clients aligning to their preferences.

Check out Ar. Rohit’s profile on Zenys to know more about his firm and the products and services offered.

Here is Ar. Rohit’s one of the best projects in Kerala.


The two floored residence in the thickly vegetated area alongside the Western Ghats of India nests 2840 sq.ft Of building area on 24.5 cents of land. The ground floor consists of a covered porch, three bedrooms, living and dining space, a kitchenette and a courtyard. The courtyard, three bedrooms and the living spaces have large windows overlooking the river and capturing the North light ,among which the living space is physically opening up to the backyard having natural landscape. The first floors have a large bedroom which is multipurpose in function to use as a guest bed/study room etc. Since the plot is located in a heavy rainfall area the design ensures proper overhangs above all openings and has adopted a straightforward traditional sloped tiled roof structure.

The project explores the balance between sustainable building materials and maximum utility in every sqft. The right mix of least carbon footprint, recyclable, natural materials and passive lighting and ventilation engages visual connection with the surroundings. The interior treatment is having natural textures and colours to deliver an artful feel. Finding the maximum flood level of the area from history and placing the building in such a way that the client can enjoy and be involved with the varying personality of the nature around his home was an intense journey. We believe this home named tete-a-tete stays true to its name and navigates through core ideas of simplicity, minimalism and sustainable architecture.

  • Project Name: Tete a tete, Residence in Thiruvambady
  • Site Area: 20 cents
  • Plinth Area: 2900 sqft
  • Owner of the house : Alex and Sini
  • Location of the project : Calicut
  • Architect Firm:Nestcraft Architecture
  • Architect: Rohit Palakkal
  • Completion Year :2021
  • Storeys of the building: 2
  • Style of House: Tropical Architecture
  • Renovation or new construction: New construction

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