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In Conversation with Ar. Jeswin Varghese

Hailing from the roots of the lushness and the heritage sphere of Kottayam, Ar Jeswin Varghese, the principal architect of the firm, PRAJC, attempts to create a balance between necessity and happiness in the simplest way possible in all his works.

After almost 3 years of working under the guidance of experienced and eminent professionals of the industry, he started his independent practice. PRAJC is the beginning of himself as a creativist to bring together his professional understandings into the Architecture fraternity along with opportunities for new ideologies. PRAJC stands for the beliefs he has ventured through his years of learning, understanding and creating the best in mere simplicity.

The firm believes in the evolution of a project rather than delivering just a product. The team intends to make every design a story worth telling for a long time and be remembered. They believe in the simplicity of what people see and the complexity of the happiness they feel from that.

Following a very unique style of work, Ar.Jeswin and his team work on all genres of architecture, be it traditional or contemporary, clubbing the interests of their clients. With 4 years of experience in the architectural space, he has completed 8 projects and is committed to many, all over Kerala. An interesting approach taken by them is that they use VR to explain the designs as they want their clients to experience it in the most realistic way possible. out Ar. Jeswin’s profile on Zenys to know more about his firm and the products and services offered.

Here is one of his best projects in Kerala.

Ar Jeswin about the project:

“ This particular project was a feeling in itself to design. A home to come back for a client with a lot of dreams, hopes and everything starting from this place that we get to do for him.

Serene, Calm and embraceable ambience with much attention to privacy is what the design is all about.

Elevating the ambience of the residence is the much welcoming landscape and curved walls in the front.

Quintessentially, the interiors spaces are planned to keep every function connected and approachable from common spaces.

Unifying everything into one identity treating different activities captures the soul of the project.

On the backdrop of the site lies a scenic landscape with an ample flow of wind which is directed into the residence through detailed placement of openings.

It is unique as to how the residence becomes inclusive of its surroundings and the people yet reflects a strong privacy for the family

And in completion, the home simply becomes an ‘acrostic’ of every dream laid on it.

‘Sequoia, a home forever living’ “

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