In Conversation with Ar. Fawaz

Ar. Fawaz is the founder of Eleventh-floor Architects based in Malappuram. He is an experienced architect from Malappuram who is drawn towards the tropical modern architecture concepts. With a view to design and create sensible spaces and forms, Eleventh Floor Architects under the leadership of Ar. Fawaz strives to achieve excellence in the field. Being one of the top architects in Malappuram, Ar. Fawaz has contributed greatly towards the architectural space by his own unique and sustainable designs.

Established in 2019, the firm located in Perinthalmanna, Malappuram, is a design collective that acts as a bridge between designs, environmental responsibility, functional pragmatics, and financial considerations. Eleventh Floor Architects deals with different typologies in Kerala and the Middle East. He says that they stand out from other architecture groups as they give attention to detail and selective mood palette settings. He adds that this is the same reason which made them recommendable to different client groups.

Different types of his projects include commercial, residential and hospitality with bright interiors. The fusion of different design languages in a contextual manner is the key attraction.

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Take a look at some of their projects:

On going

1. Community Cafe

A place to gather and rejuvenate! ‘Community’ is capable of holding any function with respective of the current pandemic and a functioning café to hangout.The design primarily receives the sight of a driving customer with its facade and the curiosity created by the jally screens. A very private entryway opens to the vast open courtyard where the events are all supposed to happen. As for the walkways which are also nicely paved with the jally bricks resembling the parking slot.The exterior gazebos add more privacy to the hangouts with jally patterns as the shade. The first floor gallery will host an audience to watch events in the courtyard. The whole design detail is a mix of minimal-white and jally-patterns with a green touch. ‘Community’ will serve its functionalities to create a better community for its end users.

2. Swans House

Elevated courtyard of this house was in response to the previous years flood levels and a massive box with rat bond completes the elevation. Staircase design of the same have extended slabs acting as study table and breakfast counter on both sides. The wooden jali in the front yard and corner window with a bay seat on the rear side facilitates cross ventilation throughout building interiors.

Type : Residential Client : Mr.Sharwan Area : 3000 sqft Location : Malappuram, Malappuram

Upcoming projects

1. Stacked Villas

2. Courtyard House

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