In Conversation with Ar. Anudeep

Ar. Anudeep is the principal architect at Anudeep and Associates, located in Palluruthy, Cochin. A fascination towards architecture started right from his childhood while browsing books on the subjects during brief stays at his grand uncle’s house in Calicut. Later, after completing B.Arch from DSCE, Bangalore, he joined as an intern with Prasanth and Associates in Calicut. The next 5 years turned out to be crucial in moulding him as a competent designer. He had the fortune of staying with his uncle/mentor during these years and thereby learning about architecture from close quarters. He returned to his hometown, Cochin, in 2005 and since then he founded his practice now located in Palluruthy.

Delegating design work to his subordinates is something he does rarely and accordingly. The number of projects handled by the firm at a given point of time do not exceed 5 or 6. They do both architecture and interior projects which are mostly residential, hospitality and commercial ones. He prefers to work closer to home as he is not keen on travelling for work, although a couple of projects outside of the state too show up in his portfolio of works.

Ar. Anudeep, in his conversation, made a very interesting statement, in the context of a prevalent misconception, that drafting a drawing and designing is one and the same. He clarifies it by saying, “ Designing is not just drafting and architecture is definitely not construction. “ He explains that designing is only the final result of a series of deliberations and contemplations. And, the combination of designing and construction gives out the outcome- architecture.

Coming to his style of work, a contemporary minimalistic style is the preferred architectural vocabulary. He carefully uses the essence and the lessons learnt from the traditional forms for his designs.

At the end of this engaging conversation with him, he made a beautiful statement which he originally read from a book and now has put in practice. Prior to the application of this philosophy, arguments with clients, albeit for the betterment of the project were frequent. He quoted “ I used to fall in love with the project before, now I fall in love with the client”.

Check out Ar. Anudeep’s profile on Zenys to know more about his firm and the products and services offered.

Apartment Interiors

  • Client: Mr Suraj Krishna
  • Completion: 2017
  • Time Taken: 6 months
  • Location: Nettoor

Anudeep and Associates Architects’ Office

  • Completion: 2016
  • Time Taken: 5 months
  • Location: Palluruthy

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