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How to write a follow-up email after no response

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Do you give up when you get no response from your prospect after you have sent a follow-up email? If yes, you are definitely making a mistake.

 Studies show that sending more follow-up emails can triple your reply rate.

You might have a lot of questions in your mind regarding this.

In this guide, we will answer all these questions. You can also find sample email templates for follow up and follow up email templates when you get no replies. Before we take you through it let us see why following up with your prospects or customers is important for your business.

Why Follow-up?

Did you know that businesses lose almost 98% of the sales for not following up with customers or even missing out on sending a follow-up email? Research shows that a person who sends the first email without follow up gets a 16% response rate, while a person who sends a follow-up email achieves a 27 % response rate.

Your prospects might have a junk of emails in their inbox and it is not likely that they’ll open your first email. Sending follow up emails is like a reminder if your prospect missed out on your previous email. So you never want to miss a chance of getting a response. 

When should you send follow up emails after no response? 

If the prospect is to respond to your email, chances are that they’ll reply the same day you sent the email. So it is better to wait not more than a week to send the next follow up email if you don’t get a response. Typically, 3 days is the best timing to send a follow-up email. 

If following-up is something you miss out on it is better to use a system like Zenys where you can automate the process and still stay in the loop. 

There are certain things you should follow when you send a follow up email.

1. State a purpose or call to action in your mail

It is better to give a good call to action close in your mail than adding an ambiguous statement like ‘looking forward to hearing from you’, “hope we can catch up soon”, etc. 

Give your prospect a need to respond to your mail by adding a call to action. A personalized email with a perfect close will be hard to resist for your prospects. Add something that you want them to do. Here are some sample CTAs:

“ Please let me know by (date) if you are willing to proceed with our proposal

 “Does 2 pm on Monday work for you?” 

“ What is the next step on your end?”

2. Don’t copy and paste follow up email

Always write a fresh follow up email to your prospect. Copy-pasting or forwarding a follow-up email will seem to look aggressive. 

You can try out new subject lines, openings and closes in your follow up emails.

3. Avoid Passive Aggressive

The last thing you want to do would be to make your prospect feel guilty for not responding. Make sure that you don’t write follow up emails that seem desperate for a response.

Avoid phrases like,

“ You haven’t responded to me yet”

“ I have noticed you have opened my previous email”

“ I have tried to reach you”

4. Keep your email short

Be clear and make your email short. You don’t want to make your prospect read a huge message which is likely going to be ignored.

Get to the point and clearly mention the purpose of your mail. Keep in mind that a follow-up email is a reminder of the previous mail. 4-5 sentences are ideal for a follow-up email. 

5. Write a catchy subject line

A subject line is what makes the prospect decide whether or not to read the email. Avoid using “Follow up” in your subject line. Write a creative subject line that is personalised and short. Question form subject lines work best for follow-ups. 

Also, try not to trick your prospect into opening your mail by using false statements.

Follow up Email Templates when you get no response 

Check out some sample email templates you can use when you get no response.


Subject: Our Next Step for ( Project)

Hi [Name]

I sent you a mail last week (date) to check if you have looked over my proposal. I would love to arrange a meeting with you to proceed to the next step. 

Would Monday work for you?

Best Regards,



Subject: Great chatting with you

Hi [Name]

It was great to know about you and your business on our last call. I would be more than happy to explain more about our services.

My schedule is wide open for the next two weeks. Please let me know when it will be convenient for you to have a quick chat. 

Best Regards,


Check out some more follow email templates for different situations.

Follow up after a missed call

Hi [Name]

We are excited to show you how our (services) can help your business. It seems like it was not a good time to connect last Friday (day).

I’d like to call again on Monday at 2 pm (date). Please feel free to email me back if it works for you.

If you’re not the right person to talk to, please let me know who is the appropriate person I should contact.

Best Regards,


Follow up after a Missed  Demo

Hi [Name]

Have you got a chance to speak to (the representative who conducts the demo) for the product demo?  If not I’d be happy to schedule the demo on (date). 

Kindly confirm your availability on the above-mentioned date.

Best Regards,


Follow up after sending a contract

Hi [Name]

It was great chatting with you the other day. Hope you have received the contract I sent on (date).

Please reply back to this email if you have any questions. Looking forward to doing business with you.

Have a great day!


Follow up after sending an Invoice

Hi [Name]

Hope you have got a chance to view the invoice I sent you on (date). If you have any queries regarding any of the line items please let me know. 

Best Regards,


If you wish to check out more email templates for follow up click here.

Save the Templates and Automate Emails

Rather than copy-pasting the follow-up templates in your emails, how about a system in which you can save these templates and automate sending emails to your customers?

Zenys helps you with saving email templates for each customer or sale. You can easily send emails from Zenys from your Gmail with no back and forths. Learn how you can do this and automate your email by reading this blog.

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