How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Are you someone who uses Linkedin for prospecting and lead generation? Then you might want to check out the Linkedin Sales Navigator feature. 

You get to access Linkedin Sales Navigator in the premium version of Linkedin. If you are thinking if it is worth it, this blog will help you decide.

Here we will discuss the following topics:

Why should you use Sales Navigator?

Linkedin Sales Navigator is basically an advanced version of the Linkedin free plan that allows you to find high-quality leads, monitor them, save them and do many more. 

The most effective tool of Sales Navigator is the Advanced Search where you can use filters for finding your right target audience. Linkedin offers over 20 filters that you can use to focus your search.

Now, if you use Linkedin for prospecting and exhausts the limit for searches in the Linkedin free version quite often, then you should definitely check out Sales Navigator. 

Getting Started with Sales Navigator

Before you start using Linkedin Sales Navigator here are some prerequisites.

  • Set your target audience.
  • Know their interests and what they are looking for.
  • Understand the connections and Linkedin Groups of your target audience.

Once you have a clear idea about whom you are targeting you can start using Sales Navigator to its fullest potential.

The first thing to start with on Sales Navigator is setting your Sales Preferences.

Setting Sales Preferences

Setting sales preferences allows Linkedin Sales Navigator to understand what type of leads you need. This enables Linkedin to give you recommendations of leads based on your sales preferences. Also, when you visit a lead’s profile you’ll be able to find the preferences. 

To set the sales preference :

  • Go to the settings page in your Sales Navigator profile.
  • In the Sales preferences section set your preferences. You can add the preferences based upon geography, industry, company size and function.
sales preference

Once this is done you can start your advanced searches.

Linkedin Sales Navigator Benefits and Features 

advances search

Linkedin provides over 20 filters for highly targeted searches. This is the most used and effective tool of Linkedin Sales Navigator. There are filters for keywords, company size, company industry, job titles and many more. 

Using this set of filters you can perform a targeted and advanced search on Linkedin. Let’s say you are looking for digital marketers in India. You can easily set the geography to India and type in the keyword ‘ digital marketing’ in the keyword filter field. You’ll get a list of leads based upon the set criteria.

You don’t have to type in the keyword or set the filters all over again. Once you have done the targeted search you can save your search and view them whenever you want. 

For saving your search click on the ‘Save Search’ button on the left side of the sales navigator page.

saving search

3. Setting Alerts

For your saved leads you can receive alerts by the Sales Navigator Alerts feature. For a new job update or when your saved lead has engaged with your post with a like or comment or has viewed your profile you’ll get notifications. This allows you to focus on your audience and personalize your outreach. 

When you get an alert make sure you reach out to them immediately. If your lead has taken a new job send an Inmail congratulating them. This helps you build a strong relationship with your prospect. 


4. Adding Notes and Tags

Linkedin Sales Navigator also gives you options to organise your leads the way you want with the ‘Add Tag’ option. 

With this option, you can add tags to your saved lead and group your leads. 

You can also add any important information about your lead in the Add Notes section to keep proper track of them.

5. Finding Similar Leads

This is one great feature that can enhance your prospecting efforts. Linkedin will show you a list of leads that are similar to your ideal prospects. 

To find similar leads you simply have to select your lead and click on the ‘View Similar’ button.

view similar leads

6. Sending Inmails

InMail is a great way to communicate with your network using targeted sponsored messages. 

The message gets directly delivered to your target’s Linkedin inbox. As Linkedin provides a frequency cap for Inmails, you don’t have to worry about being spammy. 

To send Inmails you can create a campaign using Campaign manager. You can set the targeting options based on the location, industry, job title or any criteria. 

campaign manager dashboard

When it comes to writing the message, make sure it is engaging for the recipient and can get you a reply. Here are some templates that you can use to increase your reply rates.

Linkedin gives an amazing feature for a warm outreach method. It lets you connect with warm leads- that are second-degree connections. For enabling this feature you simply need to turn on the option on the settings page. To access this feature you should upgrade to the Advanced plan.

team link

Linkedin Sales Navigator Pricing

The cost of Linkedin sales navigator is $64.99/month. This premium version comes in three plans.: Core, Advanced and Advanced Plus. You can compare the plans and choose the best one that is suitable for you. 

How to Use Linkedin Sales Navigator effectively

The best lead generation strategy to do is to create an email list out of the searches. A great way you can make full use of your efforts in LinkedIn Sales Navigator is by pulling out the email addresses of your leads and connecting with them via Email. Indeed, email marketing always stays the supreme marketing channel for any business. Contact Out is a great tool you can try out for getting your leads’ contact data. It’s Chrome extension works on top of LinkedIn helping you find emails and phone numbers.

Once you have exported them, use a business management tool like Zenys to manage and track your leads. Upload the contacts and set the priority status to leads in the tool. Using the tool you can schedule follow-ups, create and assign tasks to your team users and also send automated emails to your prospects. This way you’ll stay on top of your leads and easily win sales.

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