How to Increase Likes on Facebook: 10 Tips

There are more than 2 billion Facebook users and that is a large audience for your business. However, with over 60 million active business Pages on Facebook, there’s a lot of competition for those Facebook likes. And, if you are wondering how to increase likes in Facebook we have got the perfect solution for you.

Why Online Likes Matter?

The online likes for the Facebook pages are not just a vanity metric. It plays a crucial role in your Facebook marketing campaign. It proves that a real person is interested in your business. However, you cannot get so engrossed with free FB likes online that you lose sight of what Facebook is all about.

For your brand to increase likes on Facebook, you need to share content that is truly valuable and engage in ways that make your brand likeable. You can learn how to increase likes in Facebook from this article along with the best strategy for Facebook marketing

1. Build a Successful Facebook Strategy

First of all, you should determine who your target audience is.

Your next step should be to research your competitors. This is extremely important. Keeping an eye on your major competitors will allow you to identify strategies and tactics that work and fail, allowing you to incorporate their success and avoid their mistakes. In addition, you’ll find out how many Facebook Likes you should aim for.

You will not know when you’ve reached your Facebook marketing objectives if you’re just trying to get “more likes.” Rather, set S.M.A.R.T. objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

2. Run Facebook Ads

You can increase Facebook likes easily using Facebook Ads.  You will gain visibility for your brand to a highly targeted audience.

They ensure that your brand is put in front of your ideal audience, and that leads to more Facebook Likes. Facebook offers two types of advertising: boosted posts and ad campaigns. 

With Boosting, you can expand your audience beyond those who have already liked your Page. This can be an excellent idea for a post that’s already been shown to be compelling by attracting a large number of Facebook Likes from your followers.

facebook  ads

Every type of business can benefit from Facebook’s campaign objectives. As this post is about how to increase likes in Facebook we will focus on the Engagement objective, which will help you expose your ad to a wider audience in order to increase the number of likes for your post or page. 

There are many different types of ads you can choose from, including the immersive Canvas. You can find all the details in our guide to Facebook advertising.

3. Post a Facebook contest

Engaging your Facebook audience with contests and promotions can be a great way to increase engagement. 

A survey by the Content Marketing Institute found that 81 per cent of marketers believe interactive content such as contests is more effective for grabbing readers’ attention.

facebook contest

In addition, liking a post is the most common form of contest entry-and it’s allowed by Facebook’s contest rules. 

You will gain more followers on Facebook if you run a contest that encourages users to share their content. Caption contests are another way to gain more comments on your posts.

Therefore, contests engage users, educate them about your brand, and make them want to participate in future contests to win more valuable prizes. You can use FB business tools like Wishpond to create and publish contests easily.

4. Create Quality Content

You should share eye-catching images and short, fun-to-read content on Facebook to attract attention. 

In general, posts with photos get a lot more likes on Facebook than posts with only text. If you don’t have your own photo library, there are plenty of free stock photo sites you can utilize. You might also consider creating an infographic that conveys valuable information related to your niche, or even a humorous one.

create quality content

A compelling headline will also get your post noticed. Make your headlines informative. Set expectations about what the post will include with the headline. While writing a headline, be sure to be clear and accurate.

In that respect, if you’re looking for more Facebook Likes, you need to create a Facebook video strategy. Try offering a series of “how-to” videos, or a series of videos that demonstrate how to use your product in different ways. Be creative, and pay attention to what your customers want.

Learn more about how to increase likes in Facebook by creating good Facebook content that will boost your growth.

5. Optimize your Post Timing

Businesses are having a tough time finding success on Facebook due to Facebook’s new algorithm. When it comes to increasing engagement and getting more likes on Facebook, you have to consider the time of day when you’re posting.

Studies show it’s best to post on Facebook between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. You’ll get more engagement during the weekends and later in the week based on these findings. 

You also need to consider who likes your Facebook page. This is where Facebook marketing tools come into play. Use Facebook Business Manager to schedule your Facebook posts at the most convenient times so you don’t have to keep changing them manually each day.

facebook business manager

You should also maintain a consistent posting schedule. Don’t post regularly for a month or two and then go silent. Find the balance between these two extremes.

The consistency of your posts sends these important messages to your followers: 

  • That your business is very active.
  • That your page offers value.
  • That you care about building community.

 Your consistency will help you grow your online likes for Facebook.

6. Get involved with Facebook Communities and Other Brands

Get social and engage with other brands that are relevant to your niche but not your direct competitors on Facebook. Remember that Facebook is primarily a social network.

Just liking or commenting on another brand’s post may attract their attention and lead to cross-promotion opportunities that grow both of your businesses through more Facebook Likes. 

facebook community

Your Page may also reach new audiences by tagging other brands. But only use tags in posts that are relevant to your audience. 

Find and engage with communities of potential followers. Facebook Groups offer you the opportunity to connect with people who care about similar topics as you do, as well as highlight your expertise. 

Be sure to participate in Facebook Groups in a helpful way rather than for promotional purposes, or else you may lose your membership.

7. Engage with your Audience

Engaging your community goes beyond customer service questions like delivery times. It is also about establishing relationships. Playfulness or responding in a way that makes them feel like you’re chatting with their buddies can make a customer feel like they’re chatting with their friends. 

Show your fans and followers that you care by sharing their content about your business or products. Using this method, you can fill out your content calendar, and it also encourages your fans to post more content related to your products. 

engage with your audience

As more fans contribute content to your Facebook page, your brand will be known more to your target market, leading to more likes.

You can also gain exposure for your page by getting Facebook users to comment on your posts. In turn, this will lead to more likes. Responses to comments can be made for many reasons:

  • Provide an answer to a user’s question
  • Give someone a thank you for positive feedback
  • Be open to differing viewpoints

It is essential that you respond to comments on time.

Consumers expect brands to respond within 24 hours to social media comments. A long response time could negatively impact your social media marketing strategy.

8. Take advantage of the Facebook Algorithm

In order to increase your organic reach, you need to understand Facebook’s algorithm. This means getting your Facebook Page and posts in front of more people who might like them. 

According to the Facebook algorithm, your posts should be quality and not overly promotional, as we’ve already discussed.

It is no surprise that this is the case. The best content should be shown at the top of Facebook’s News Feeds so people can enjoy browsing their feeds. Take the time to create quality content, and don’t spam. Facebook recognizes authentic posts that entertain and inform as being valuable.

Live video is another way to take advantage of the algorithm. Live broadcasts appear higher in the News Feed because the algorithm rewards them. If your event or presentation works well live, consider it.  

9. Make Use of your Facebook Insights

Insights on Facebook Pages can give you a clear idea of who your current fans are, which will enable you to better target your Facebook marketing efforts in the future. 

page insights

You’ll be able to identify the types of posts that get the most reach and engagement and use this information to plan more of the content that your Facebook audience wants to see. Thus you will be able to learn more about how to increase likes in Facebook.

The key to increasing your Facebook Likes lies in learning from your mistakes, amplifying your successes, and providing your followers with content they’ll enjoy.

10. Share your Page with your Email List

Send out a newsletter asking your list to like your page on Facebook from the leads you’ve been generating through lead generation techniques and promotions. Ensure your followers know you will be sharing the latest deals, content, and promotions on Facebook.

In addition, you might want to add a call to action to the end of your email newsletters to encourage people to like your Facebook page. This doesn’t appear too promotional.

fb email list

You’ll get prospects and customers on Facebook as soon as you master these marketing strategies. It’s important that you follow up with them regularly so that you don’t miss out on them. 

For that, you will need a business management software like Zenys to organise your contacts from Facebook and manage them efficiently. Using Zenys you can easily create contacts, schedule follow-ups and tasks for each so that you can keep track of your potential customers.