How to Identify an Architect for your Dream Home

Have you decided to turn your dreams into a reality by building your dream home?

Then, what is the first step you are going to take?

Not Sure? Well, the first and the most important thing to do is to identify an architect to accomplish your dream. You do not want to compromise on anything when it comes to building a home of your choice. So, at this stage you have to choose an architect whom you trust and with whom you can freely share your thoughts about your home. This blog post will guide you through the first step while building your dream home i.e identifying the architect.

But, before you choose the architect make sure you have clarity on certain things such as:

  • How your house should look
  • The location where you are planning to build your new house
  • The construction period
  • The budget of your dream house.

Although, it is only when you meet an architect that you understand everything about your house, it is always good if you have an idea of the above mentioned things to make sure you are making the right call on choosing the architect.

Now, take a look at the top 4 tips to identify an architect for your dream home.

This may look silly but most of the people blow it here itself by making a wrong choice of the architect.

1. Consult with your close network

consulting with a friend

One of the best and easiest ways to identify an architect is to check with your relatives, friends and colleagues.

  • Ask them if they personally know any good architects based out of your place or the place where you are planning to build your house.
  • Check with those who have recently built a home or done some constructions and ask their opinions on the architect who has been serving them and their style of work.
  • If you can see an already completed project, you can evaluate whether it fits your taste and your criteria.
online research

Conduct an online research to identify architects and get a lot more insight into their services and works . For that,

  • Search online and find the profiles of the architects.
  • Have a look at their career history, style of work, kind of services they offer and most importantly the reviews and testimonials they have received from their clients.
  • For the above activity, you can use websites like just dial, houzz Zenys that list architects region-wise to find out if they are the best choice for you.

3. Check the Credentials

person checking social media

Just like you do when you hire any other person for a job, know the credentials of the architect.

  • Check their qualifications, achievements and then finalize your decision. Nowadays, most of the architects and builders have pages in Social media platforms like Facebook. You can visit their pages and have a look at the projects completed by them.
  • If possible, visit a couple of similar projects already completed by them and take feedback from the respective owners.

4. Hire a licensed architect

architect checking a plan

Make sure you hire only licensed architects. Assure that they are professional and skilled. Check their credentials in LinkedIn and other listing platforms like Zenys.

After you have done good research on the architects and have made a decision on who to hire, you can go ahead to the next step and schedule a meeting with them. Your relationship with the architect really matters and to know whether they are someone with whom you are going to get along for the next few months, you need to be well prepared for your first meeting.

In the next blog, we will cover how you should be prepared before your first meeting with the architect. Follow Zenys fb page to receive notifications about similar blogs and videos.

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