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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Architect

The first meeting with an architect is not meant to settle upon any deals or sign a contract. In fact, it’s about understanding each other both personally and professionally. You may or may not get impressed with your designer. It is totally up to you to determine whether you want to work with them or not. But, a little effort from your side is important as you don’t want to miss important opportunity in your life.

Here are some of the tips you can follow to be prepared for your meeting.

The key idea is to make the architect understand you thoroughly.

Unless you don’t explain yourself and your interests to your architect, they will not have an idea about how to work for your needs. The end result you get may not be as you wished for !!

To turn your meeting into a profitable one, give an explanation about

You can also mention your daily habits, as that too might affect the design of your house. If you are a person working at home or one who hosts parties regularly or a minimalist, the design might vary. So, it is important that the architect knows your lifestyle.

The architect may likely have some questions to ask about you and your project. Along with preparing questions to ask your architect, make a list of probable questions the architect may ask you and prepare answers.

Here are some of the questions architects ask clients.

1. How do you want your house to be?

Give a project brief to your architect about the way you want your house to be.

If you have any other priorities let the architect know.

2. How much would you spend?

The budget is an important part of your project brief.

3. What type of service do you need?

Make the architect aware of the service you will require. Full-time service architects work on a wide range of projects. If you prefer to take care of some of the plans yourself, let the architect know about it. It is also important to discuss the frequency of work and site visits.

4. When would you like the project to be completed

If you have in your mind a fixed time period within which the project should be completed, you can share it with the architect, or else, you can ask them to describe the likely timescale.

Following the preliminary meeting with the architect, you can take time and decide whether they are fit for your project. Create a checklist and review all the negotiations made. If you find everything on the right track, go ahead and start building your dream.

Still held up at Step 1 to find the right architect of your choice?

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