How to Create an FB account for Businesses

When you have an FB Account for Business you make your brand easier to discover and interact with online. With 1.82 billion daily active users Facebook is a social network you cannot ignore.

It’s not surprising that 200 million businesses use Facebook. Hence, you can market your business on Facebook free of charge by creating a Facebook Page.

It’s pretty easy to make a  FB Account for Business and you likely already have everything you need to get started. Follow our steps and learn how to make an FB business account easily.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

fb account for business

The FB business page is a profile on the website that can be used by businesses, organisations, artists, and public figures. 

Organisations use FB for business pages to post contact information, update users, share content, promote events and releases, and perhaps most importantly to connect with their audience. 

How to Create an FB Account for Business

Signing up for your Facebook Business Page requires logging into your personal Facebook account first. You need not worry about your personal information as it will not be visible publicly on your business Page.

All business pages are managed by page administrators who have personal accounts on Facebook. Your personal account is like the key to your business page.

To begin, please log in to your personal account if you haven’t already done so, and then follow the steps to create your FB account for business.

1. Register for a Facebook Business Page

The first step to setting up an FB account for business is to log in to your Facebook account first.  After that click “Create” on the right-hand side of the blue toolbar.

After clicking “Create,” a drop-down list will appear. Select the first option, “Page,” to create a Facebook Business Page.

register facebook business page

There are two options available for page categories: “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure.” Many for-profit businesses will select Business or Brand as their category.

create page

2. Fill in your Business Details

Specify the name you want for your business page on Facebook. Make sure that is the same as your real business name. 

fill business details

You should then choose a business category that reflects what your business offers. Choose a category by typing words or phrases that describe your business, and Facebook will suggest options. You can select up to three options.

fill business details

Then, complete the Description field. It is a short description that appears in search results. The description should consist of just a few sentences of up to 255 characters.

description for fb page

Once you’re satisfied with your description, click on the “ Create Page”.

3. Upload Your Profile Picture & Cover Photo

The next step is to upload a profile picture and cover photo for your FB account for business. You want to make a good first impression, so choose wisely here. You should choose photos that relate to your brand and are easily identifiable with your business.

Your profile photo is the first thing you’ll upload. In search results and when interacting with users, this image appears with your business name.

Utilizing your logo is probably the best option if you have a recognizable brand. If you are offering local products, try a well-shot image of your signature item. 

The most important thing is to make it easy for a potential customer or follower to recognize your page right away. Your profile photo should be 170 x 170 pixels. It will be cropped to a circle, so don’t put any details on the corner of the image.

add profile picture

Once you’ve chosen the perfect profile picture, click “Add Profile Picture”.

 Next, select a cover image to represent the essence of your business. Facebook recommends you to choose an image that’s 1640 x 856 pixels.

add cover photo

After selecting the appropriate image, click the” Add Cover Photo” button. When you upload the photos, you can use the top right of the preview to switch between desktop and mobile views. This will let you see how the images look in both displays.

Once you’re satisfied with your selections, click Save. Learn more about selecting the best cover pictures for your Facebook business page.

4. Create your User Name

The username is also known as your vanity URL and lets people know where they can find you on Facebook. Your username can include up to 50 characters, but don’t jam it full of characters just because you can. Make it easy to type and easy to remember.

You can use your business name or an obvious variation of it for your username. 

To get started, click “Create Username” on the Page preview. Enter the name you want to use. Facebook will let you know if the name is available. Click on “Create Username’ to proceed.

create user name

A confirmation pop-up will appear after that. You can click “Done”.

5. Include Additional Business Details

Choose “About” from the left-hand menu. Here you will insert useful information that lets readers know about your business, such as contact information, hours, and menu. Feel free to include any other relevant information you think is relevant.

set up page

The domain authority of Facebook makes it common for a business’ Facebook page to rank higher in organic search than their official website.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important for your Facebook page to be complete, since it may be the first point of reference a potential customer uses to learn more about you.

6. Add an Action Button to your Page

Through Facebook’s built-in call-to-action button, you can provide consumers what they’re searching for and they can engage with your company in real-time. 

The right CTA button will encourage visitors to learn more about your company, shop, download your app, or buy your product.

CTA buttons can be added by clicking the blue box that says Add Button. You can choose between the following types of buttons: Book with You, Contact You, Learn More, Shop, and Download. Make sure you select the button type that best fits your business.

add call to action

The steps can always be accessed later if you do not want to complete them now. Go to Edit Page Info by scrolling down the Manage Page menu on the left.

7. Invite an Audience

With your FB account for business page, you have established a robust online presence that will boost interaction between you and potential customers.

It’s time to get some followers!

Begin by inviting your existing Facebook friends to like your Page. In order to do this, scroll down to the bottom of the Set Your Page up for Success box and click on the section called Introduce Your Page.

You will see a list of your Facebook friends when you click the blue Invite Friends button. Select the friends you wish to invite, then click Send Invitations.

invite friends

Promote your new page through other channels, such as your website and Twitter. Place “follow us” symbols in your promotional materials and in your email signatures. Your customers can also review you on Facebook if you are comfortable doing so.

 8. Market Your Facebook Business Page 

Utilizing Facebook marketing for your business starts with creating an FB account for business pages. Marketing your page and growing an audience requires you to be active on Facebook. 

In addition to posting regularly and creating content on your Facebook page, you should also actively engage with groups where your target audience likely spends their time.

Your FB business account page also offers you access to business tools for marketing. Learn more about using the FB business tools for growing your business online. 

Using best practices on your business page will give you great results. You can learn the best marketing strategies for Facebook by visiting our page. 

Manage Your Facebook Leads

Once you have established a strong foundation for your business in social media, you may need to use a business management tool to efficiently run your business. Zenys offers free business management tools to help you organise finances and manage your business.

Once you master these marketing strategies you are sure to get leads and customers from Facebook. To make sure you don’t miss out on them it is important that you follow up with them regularly. 
For that, you will need a business management software like Zenys to organise your contacts from Facebook and manage them efficiently. Using Zenys you can easily create contacts, schedule follow-ups and tasks for each so that you can keep track of your potential customers.