How to choose the right wedding photographer

Photographs have a magical power that can take you back to your most memorable days. And, most of us, that would be the wedding day! So, get the perfect shots on your wedding day with the perfect wedding photographer and make your precious moments tangible. 

When there are thousands of photographers around your area, how do you choose the right person to capture your best day? That truly is a daunting job. But you can make the right call easily if you follow the top 5 tips we have listed down for you in this blog.

1. Research

Now that you have decided on which style to go with for your wedding photography, you can go ahead and look for a photographer who is the best in your preferred style. Check with your close ones and conduct an online research to find the best wedding photographer near you.

  • Review their website and make sure if they are capable of bringing the best to your wedding albums.
  • Check their profiles on listing platforms like ZenysWedmegood etc, their reviews and have a clear understanding of what style of work they do.
  • If they have a social media page, check them too.

2. Make sure you connect

You might have found the works of the photographer interesting through your online research. But, what if you are not able to communicate with them freely about your needs? You don’t want this to happen.

  • Have a personal meeting with your photographer and decide if the person goes well with your likings and needs.
  • Make sure you speak about all your preferences and if they are willing to take them up.
  • They might provide you with some information about the current trends in wedding photography. Respect them and try to incorporate your ideas as well, if you have any.

3. Ask about your rights

  • Ensure that you are well aware of all the rights. Some photographers might be very particular about sharing watermarked photos with their credit on them . If you are not comfortable with it, make sure you negotiate with them.
  • Don’t wait in anticipation to relive your wedding day. Make yourself known about all the post production details like the editing timeline, when the wedding album would be ready, how many images they will provide etc.

4. Budget

What wedding photography services do you expect? Is it just for the wedding day or are you planning for a pre wedding and post wedding shoot? Well, to estimate your budget it is important that you take into account the services you are opting for. Once you are clear about it , communicate with the photographer keeping in mind the below things:

  • They should have different packages to suit all and be flexible with the pricing.
  • If you have any requirements and additional services required, make sure the photographer tailor makes a package for you.
  • Don’t fall for the extras they might charge. Ensure the final pricing comprises everything including editing, album designing, food expense, transportation etc.

5. Identify the Style

Find a style that most importantly you like and what could always be in! . If you are not aware of the styles and the latest wedding photography trends, do some research on it.

  • Social media is one place where you can spend your time to get this done. Pinterest, Instagram will help you with ideas on what style you should choose for your wedding photography.
  • You may not necessarily stick to one style. You can do a blend of many different styles together like informal, contemporary etc and make your wedding album look attractive. Just make sure the photographer you choose is well skilled in them.

Now that you have understood how to choose the right wedding photographer, go to www.zenys.org and find the best wedding photographer for you. Check their profile and find out if they are the one who is going to make your beautiful day everlasting.

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