How to Automate Emails For Your Business

email automation

You might want to send different follow-up emails to your customers for different situations. It can be an email after the initial meeting with your prospect or even a payment reminder. Throughout the journey of your client from becoming a lead to a paying customer, you need to engage them. That’s why you’ll require a system to automate emails and stay organized.

According to IRC Sales Solutions, businesses lose almost 98% of the sales for not following up with customers or even missing out on sending a follow-up email. Lack of sales automation is one reason why following up becomes a difficult task. 

follow up emails for business

In this article, you will learn to automate emails using a tool like Zenys. We will show you a step by step process of how you can send emails automatically for different triggers and conditions. 

Before we dig deep here are some benefits of using Zenys email automation feature.

  • You can save email templates
  • Connect your Gmail account
  • Send emails directly from your Gmail
  • Automate emails based on triggers

How to Send Emails using Zenys?

Using Zenys you can easily save your email templates and use them for specific contact or sale. If you are looking for email templates check out our email templates for follow up page.

Now, here is an example. You are sending a follow up email to your customer after the initial meeting. You can either choose a template from our resource or create your own follow up email on Zenys. To send the email all you need to do is select the contact for whom you are sending the follow up email and select the email template you have already created. With just a click of a button, you can send your email directly from your Gmail account without having to switch tabs.

How to Automate Emails using Zenys?

Let’s say you might need to send an invoice email every time you create an invoice for your customer. Creating an email from scratch and sending them every time is obviously a time consuming and difficult process. But with automation tools like Zenys you never need to worry about this.

Take a look at the step by step process.

Step 1

Enter the title and set a trigger to send an email whenever an invoice is created.

invoice automation

Step 2 

After you set the condition for sending out emails, choose the template you have already created. In this case; a follow-up email after sending an invoice.

invoice automation

That’s it! Every time you create an invoice, an email would be automatically sent to your customers.  In a similar way, you can send automated emails for triggers such as the creation of customers, sales, quotations or estimates. 

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