How Can Architects Improve Client Satisfaction?

Client Satisfaction is the key to the success of an architecture firm. It is one of the major factors that determine whether your firm should thrive in this industry.

Even though you provide good quality services to your clients, getting wrong with the most important business goal, client satisfaction, can hinder the growth of your business

This is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is maintain a good client relationship if you want your firm to flourish.

Now, how do you do this? If you need a guide to understand how you can improve client satisfaction, we are here to help you.

Here are the 5 steps you shouldn’t be skipping to satisfy your clients:

1. Follow Up With Your Client

follow up with your client

Having a follow-up plan shows your clients that your firm values client relationships.

  • Once you have met new clients, enter them into your email list and send periodic emails to not lose contact with them.
  • Include details like your latest projects, the firm’s unique way of designs and trends, the working styles, etc in your emails.
  • You can also use a business management tool like Zenys to ease this process.
  • Switch from using excel sheets to online invoice creators to do the billing jobs. Along with impressing your clients, you gain the time that has been wasted to put into your business development.

2. Communicate


Always, having a personal conversation with your architecture clients helps you strengthen the bond with them. Good communication guarantees client’s trust.

What all should you follow to maintain good communication?
  • Talk to them personally at least once a week.
  • Make sure you are always keeping up with the ideas of customers. After all, you are working for their needs.
  • Communicate in a way clients can understand. Avoid using architectural terms. Relate yourself to the client and communicate effectively.

But, it might not always be possible to have a personal meeting amidst your busy schedule. The digital world is always to the rescue when you are in such a situation.

  • Connect with them virtually through tools like google meet or zoom.
  • Frequently arrange meetings and update them if there are new plans or changes of schedules from your side. Never let customers be untold about your plans.

3. Be Responsive

be responsive

Never leave your customers hanging. The only way you can earn your client’s trust is by being responsive to them.

A frequently heard issue clients face is that architects show a lukewarm response to them after the contract is signed. This eventually makes them hesitant to approach you. Make sure you are not one among those architects. Signing a contract is just a beginning and this is where you start building a relationship with them.

  • Even if you are too busy to take them on, show your interest in them.
  • Treat them as if they are the only client you have.
  • Listen carefully to their doubts and provide answers that can help them out.
  • The faster you respond to your client’s doubts, the faster you earn their trust.

4. Value Clients’ Feedback

value client feedback

It is no other person but the client who assesses your work effectively. It is the client’s feedback you should trust in order to improve your scope of work. This is one of the best marketing strategies for an architecture firm you can use.

  • Ask them personally how they felt about your service or conduct a survey to know their responses.
  • Find out where your client felt the need to improve and work on it. For example, if a client feels an issue because of delayed work, focus more on it and make sure you sort it out on your next projects.

5. Stay Connected with Former Clients

stay connected with former clients

Client satisfaction does not end with finishing off your project with them. Always maintain a good relationship with your former clients as well.

  • A satisfied client is always an advantage to your firm. So make sure you don’t lose them.
  • They can act as referrals for your new projects. They help you get new clients by sharing their experience working with you. After all, your main goal is to improve the business through client satisfaction.

Now that you know the 5 steps to improve client satisfaction, it’s time for you to put them into practice. More than steps to simply improve client satisfaction, these 5 points are the key business development strategies for architecture firms.

Keep in mind all the benefits you earn through satisfying clients and give all your efforts to win their trust.

Are you looking for a solution to manage all the five steps effectively?

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