How to Create an Email Template in Gmail

how to use gmail templates

Are you writing the same emails over and over again? Seems like you are not using the Gmail template feature. Gmail allows you to create up to 50 email templates so that you can reuse the emails if you need to send multiple copies of them. You can also set up filter in Gmail to auto send your emails based on specific criteria.

Let’s see how you can use the Gmail template feature that can help you save a lot of time. In this blog you’ll learn how to:

We also provide a brief guide on how you can create an HTML template in Gmail and how you can make the whole process of sending automated emails much easier. Jump to whichever section you want to find a solution and check them out. 

1. Enable Gmail Templates

  • Open Gmail.
  • Click on ‘Settings’ and select ‘See all settings’
  • On the top right corner click on the ‘Advanced’ option
  • Enable Templates in the template section
  • Click Save
enable gmail template

2. Create an email template in Gmail

  • Open Gmail
  • Click ‘Compose’.
  • Enter the matter for the template
  • Click on the three dots icon in the buttom right corner and select ‘Templates’.
  • Click on ‘Save draft as template’.
  • To edit a saved template, select the template under the overwrite template section
  • If you want to create the template as a new one, click on ‘ Save as new template’.
create gmail template

3. Use a saved template

  • Click ‘Compose’
  • Click on the three dots icon in the bottom right corner
  • Select ‘Template’
  • Now you can select the template under the ‘Insert Template’section.

4. Delete a saved template

  • Click ‘Compose’
  • Click on the three dots icon in the bottom right corner
  • Select ‘Template’
  • Click on ‘Delete template’.
  • Select the template which you would like to delete.
delete template

5. Auto-Send Emails

You can automate Gmail by creating an email filter in Gmail. You can also apply other options like marking emails as read, forwarding etc by creating filters such that when a message matches the filter you have set, that action will take place. Now, we will look at how you can send emails automatically.

 Let’s say you want to send a specific email to contacts who have asked to send the brochure of your business. Follow these steps on how to create filter in Gmail and set up your automation.

  • In the search bar at the top of the screen click on the search option in the right side of the search bar. 
  • Since the scenario is to send brochure emails to those contacts who have asked for it, you can type in the word ‘brochure’ in the ‘Has the words’ field. If you want to filter emails containing a specific word you can enter it here.

In a similar way, you can also set up date filter in Gmail by entering the date in the ‘Date within the field.

auto send email
  • Click ‘Create filter;
  • Check the box next to ‘Send template’ and choose the template you have already created.
  • Click ‘Create filter’
auto send email

You can also send automatic emails to a specific list of contacts by adding the contacts in the ‘From’ field and choosing the email template you want to send them.

How to create and send an HTML email template for Gmail?

To send bulk emails you might need to create HTML templates in Gmail. Unfortunately, Gmail does not provide an option for it. However, you can use email editor tools like SalesHandy, Stripo to create HTML template and add it to your Gmail account.

In your email editor compose the HTML code and save it as a .html file. After that, you simply need to copy the HTML template and insert it in the Gmail Compose window. 

An Easier Solution to Send Automated Emails

Are you looking for a bigger solution to send emails automatically to your customers? Then it’s better that you use a business management tool like Zenys where you can automate sending emails. All you have to do is create a template and set the trigger to auto send emails. 

Using Zenys you can create triggers when an invoice, quotation and estimate is created or when a contact or sale is added. You can select the trigger and set the action to send an email and select the preset template. A few steps to follow and everything gets done even when you are off the clock. Sign up for Zenys and start sending automated emails to your customers.