7 Must Have Add Ons For Gmail For 2022

must have gmail add-ons

One of the few applications we can’t live without today is Gmail. About 1.5 billion people use it daily for their personal and business needs. Still, there can be improvements made in terms of business-specific functionality by adding the add ons for Gmail.

By using add ons for Gmail, you can overcome these shortcomings and enhance your experience. We have compiled a list of the best add ons for Gmail that will help you in doing your business work better in 2022. These will make your business work more productive and efficient.

Add Ons For Gmail: Where Can We Get Them?

Gmail extensions, also called add-ons, are software tools that enhance the functionality of your inbox. Most of these tools provide Gmail with essential features that it needs for better usability. Adding these extensions to Gmail enables users to create real-time workflows and combine with other business tools and social networks.

You can easily install Add-ons for Gmail by following these steps:

  •   Sign in to your account. 
  •   Click n the Settings in the top right corner.
  •   Then click on “See all settings.”
  •   After that select on Add-ons.
  •   Hit on the Manage option.
  •   Search the add-ons you want to install. 
  •   Select Install and then Continue button to confirm installation.

For better work productivity we have listed out the top 7 add ons for Gmail.

Trello for Gmail


There’s nothing better than Trello for beginners who are getting their feet wet with project management. It’s free, and very easy to use.

To turn an email into a Trello card, just click the extension icon, choose the Trello board, and list the board where you want to place the card. The subject of the email becomes the card title, and the body becomes its description.

If you want to, you can also edit your card before sending it to a list. It can be installed directly from the inbox of your Gmail account. The Trello for Gmail Extension offers the following features:

  • Emails can be automatically converted to to-do lists.
  •  Provides an easy step-by-step organization of emails.
  •  Has task prioritization.
  • Can be easily shared with teams.

Trello for Gmail is free to install. There is also a business plan available for for $10 per month and also an enterprise plan at custom pricing.



Gmelius is a Gmail extension that allows for easy email collaboration and automation. Integrating with every Gmail feature, it enables you to work faster and more effectively. It is a very powerful tool with a great deal of functionality.

It includes project management tools and collaboration tools that enable your teams to sync their data straight from the inbox. Gmelius also features email tracking features and shared inboxes. It offers the following features:

  • Contains customized email sequences, templates, and campaigns.
  • Provides automated emails. 
  • Has Blockchain-based encryption.
  • Included Kanban boards for visual organization.
  • Offers shared inbox.
  • Enables Email tracking.

Right Inbox for Gmail


The Right Inbox for Gmail application allows you to create reminders, assign tasks, and schedule emails to be sent at a later time. It also enables you to create, save, and paste in a variety of signatures from within your inbox.

The add on integrates seamlessly with Gmail, and it’s used by over 250,000 professionals in different parts of the world. It has a very intuitive interface and can improve the workflow in organizations as well as individuals.

Until you reach 10 emails per month, it is free. After that, you’ll have to pay $7.95 per month for unlimited emails. The main features include:

  • Provides automated follow-up email sequencing.
  • Included personalized email templates.
  • Has Email scheduling and reminders.
  • Private note-taking feature.
  • Custom signatures.

Zoom for Gmail


Zoom for Gmail features a video call extension that integrates video calling into your Gmail inbox. One click on the extension icon lets you schedule meetings, connect with other email users, and much more.

If you use Zoom, you can send invitations to everyone in your email thread. You will also receive a summary of the meeting after it concludes, including the meeting’s date, meeting ID, and participant details. It can even pull contact information from your Gmail inbox and schedule meetings without opening the add-on.

Zoom for Gmail is absolutely free and using it you can send invitations to up to 100 participants. It offers some outstanding features like:

  • High-quality, reliable video conferencing inside Gmail.
  • You can check your calendar for upcoming meetings.
  • Has automation-based email invitations.
  • Yu can instantly video call your coworkers.

Todoist for Gmail


Todoist is a popular add ons for Gmail with a functionality interface that can compete with any other task management tool.

It simplifies task management by coordinating all of your to-do lists. Their user interface is a helpful pop-up that appears next to your email draft. As a result, you’ll be able to manage tasks from the convenience of your inbox.

Todoist lets you convert your to-do lists into emails, making emailing easier. You can also set up due dates and reminders. Both the desktop and mobile apps are available for this tool. You can start working with a free plan, giving you access to 80 projects, with up to five members per project. Let’s take a look at some of its prominent features:

  • Adding emails to the task list.
  • Provides reminders to follow up.
  • Prioritization of emails.
  • Enables direct task completion from your Gmail mailbox.
  • Collaboration on a task basis.
  • Tracking your progress.

DocuSign for Gmail


DocuSign is the dominant player in e-signatures, and with this add ons for Gmail, you can turn your email into a sophisticated digital signature tool. With its simple and intuitive application, you can do more with fewer clicks.

To use the extension, simply move your mouse pointer over any email attachment and e-sign the relevant documents directly from your inbox. This gives you the ability to quickly sign and edit papers.

All from the ease of your mailbox, you can sign PDF documents, sign agreements, and also approve purchases. DocuSign encrypts all data and makes all signatures legitimate. DocuSign extension is free to download and use with Gmail. There is also a personal plan available at $10 per month for single users and standard plan at $25 per month. Its features include:

  • Provides security and privacy features at the enterprise level.
  • Included workflows that are both efficient and integrated
  • Signatures on documents are not limited.
  • External signatures on up to three documents.
  • Notifications are delivered instantly.
  • The add on supports over 40 languages.

Slack for Gmail


The Slack Add-On for Gmail helps to communicate by transferring context from an email into a Slack channel or direct message. You can also attach files to your message, which will be automatically uploaded to the appropriate channel/private message. 

It can be a lifesaver as it helps to send brief messages without having to leave your inbox. Your team will be more connected thanks to Slack. These are the key features of the add-on:

  • Slack provides team members with immediate access..
  • Makes it easier to be on the same page with your team..
  • Improves transparency in the workplace by allowing users to track.
  • Offers the impression of being in control.
  • Creating good vibes among coworkers.

With all these above mentioned add-ons on Gmail, you can effectively manage your business by saving your extra time and efforts. These add-ons are specially designed with business and management applications to enhance the productivity.

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