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Email for Marketing: Examples and Tips (2022 Update)

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Emails always top the list of the best marketing strategies for businesses, no matter what all forms of marketing arrive. Social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is great. But, Email with its user base of 4 billion people makes it supreme.

If you are having trouble getting started with email marketing for your business, this blog will definitely help you. Here, we have listed some good email for marketing examples for a bit of inspiration. Check them out!

8 Email for Marketing Examples

Before you start sending out emails to your customers it is important that you know what is happening with email marketing right now. So it is great if you check out some email for marketing examples and use them as an inspiration in your marketing campaigns.

There are different types of emails- promotional, informational or those intended for a specific purpose.  Here, we have compiled a list of some common examples of emails used in different scenarios. If you are looking for email templates, check out our business email examples with 10+ templates.

Examples  of Emails

  1. Welcome Emails
  2. Promotional Emails
  3. Information Emails
  4. Re-engagement Emails
  5. Event Emails
  6. Abandoned Shopping Cart
  7. Customer Service Emails
  8. Customer Delight Emails 

1. Welcome emails

Giving your subscribers a warm welcome once they have signed up for your website or newsletter is a great way to show you value them. You can add a Call to Action (CTA) in your email and highlight the benefits of joining your family. Here is an amazing email marketing campaign example by AJIO. 

Subject: Hey! Trendy Treats Are Waiting For You

Why it Works:

Ajio’s welcome email is eye-catching with colourful visuals. They have beautifully highlighted the offers for new customers that grab their attention. The use of a call to action directs subscribers to take further action.

2. Promotional Emails

You can use email marketing campaigns to promote offers, discounts, new product releases etc. It should have a clear call to action that you want your customers to take. Take a look at a promotional email by Adobe.

Subject: FLASH SALE: Save 25% on Creative Cloud

Why it Works:

People love discounts and freebies and this email clearly communicates its special offer. The subject line also entices subscribers to open the email.

3. Information Emails

Sending frequent information emails about new product updates, features or newsletters is one way to stay close to your customers. 

This email by Fitbit gives more information to their customers about its Food logging feature. 

Subject: Log your food. Crush your goals.

Why it works

It centres on the recipient’s needs and how they can benefit from their product. It is paired with a call to action that takes the customers to product guides.

4. Re-engagement emails

Re-engagement campaigns are great to get your subscribers back to using your product/service. You can do this by offering discounts to your customers, updating them on the latest news about your product or asking them for feedback.

Here is how Spotify tries to engage its subscribers.

Subject: Limited time offer. Buy a 6-month Premium plan, get 3 additional months free

Why it works:

There is a sense of urgency in the email by offering a limited time offer that makes users take action immediately.

5. Event Emails

Your subscribers might not always remember your upcoming events. So you can send out reminder emails about your events or webinars so that they don’t miss out on them. 

Check out this email by Shopify to get their subscribers to attend their Livestream.

Subject Line: Reminder: Reunite is today!

Why it works: 

The opening sentence itself gets to the point about the Livestream. The call to action button ‘Watch Reunite’ clearly guides the recipients to attend it.

6. Abandoned Shopping Cart

Now, this is a commonly used email marketing campaign by many eCommerce stores. It is a kind of re-engagement email that reminds the customers about their inactivity, in this case, which is an abandoned shopping cart.

There are many ways you can remind your customers about it. Here is how Purple does. 

Subject: These are dying in your cart unattended.

Why it works:

This email works well as Purple reminds their customers about the abandoned carts by asking them to avail the benefits by applying coupon codes.

7. Customer Service emails

Updating your customers about their order status, shipment details, payments status lets you be with your customers every step of the way. To find customer service email templates, check out this blog.

Here is an example by Lifestyle Store.

Subject: Your products are on the way

Why it works:

In this email, the customer gets all the needed information such as the order details and the tracking number.

8. Customer Delight emails

One great way to strengthen the relationship with your customers is by sending emails that interest them. This can be done on customers’ birthdays, subscription anniversaries etc. These kinds of emails have fewer chances to seem automated.

Check out this email marketing campaign example by Adidas.

Subject: A Gift For You: Happy Birthday, Sharath!

Why it works:

Personalization is a key factor that makes this email stand out. The email has the recipient name which makes it even more targeted. The special offer for their customer’s birthday is placed in a call to action button that has higher chances for the customer to take an action.

The Next Step

Now that you’ve seen some great examples of emails, you can go ahead and draft your email marketing template in a similar way and send it out to your customers. 

Manually sending them can be a tiring task. There are many email marketing free tools that can help you with it. You can schedule and automate emails using tools for email marketing and simplify this process. 

If you are looking for an all in one solution to manage your business and automate marketing activities, you can try Zenys. See how you can automate email marketing using Zenys by reading this blog.

 To know more about tools for email marketing check out this blog.

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