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Browse through 20+ GST online quotation formats in Excel and download the templates for free.

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Sample of Quotation Formats in Excel

Easily download the required quotation template in excel for free and customize them as per your requirements. 

GST Quotation Format in Excel Free Download

Here is our sample excel quotation format with GST. Choose and download your favourite quotation format Excel with GST from below. If you want more excel quotation formats with GST, then check out our page with 20+ downloadable quotation formats with GST.

Sales Quotation
sales quotation template


Shipping quotation
Shipping quotation with IGST


Freelance quotation
Freelance quote


Service quotation
Service quotation with GST


Price quotation
Price quotation with GST


Small business
Small business quotation with GST


VAT Quotation Formats in Excel Free Download

Do you want to add VAT tax rate to your quotations? We also provide you quotation formats with VAT that have specific fields to enter your VAT rates.

Printing quotation
Printing quotation with VAT


Sales Quotation
Sales quote with VAT


Small Business
Small business quotation with VAT


Shipping Quotation
shipping quotation with VAT


Service quotation
Service quotation with VAT


Freelance Quotation
Freelance Quotation with VAT


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More Quotation Formats in Word, Google Sheet and PDF!

We have also included free quotation templates in Excel, Google Sheets and PDF. Download them and start customizing.

Shipping VAT Quote

MS Word

VAT/GST Quotation Format in Word Free Download. Check out more quotation templates in Word.

Small business IGST quotation


Use our free online quotation generator to create professional quotations with your logo and signature in PDF format

Small business quotation with GST

Google Sheet

Quotation Format in Google Sheet Free Download. Check out more quotation templates in Google Sheets.

What is a Quotation?

A quotation is a document issued by a seller to a buyer that contains the proposed price of the seller’s goods or services. A quotation may contain additional information such as the taxes, material and labour charge and other factors that contribute to the total amount which is specified ac. It also includes the time period of when the service will be completed or the goods will be delivered. 

Why Do You Need a Quotation?

It is essential for every service provider to issue a quotation to their potential customers. With all the details of the rate of goods or services to be provided, the time period of when the service will be completed or the goods will be delivered,  a quotation allows the customer to get an understanding of the project and make a final decision about the sales transaction. You can also get free GST formats for creating quotes.

The basic elements of a quotation include the name and contact details of the seller, a list of the items, the quantity, rate per unit, the total cost and payment terms. You can choose your quotation format in excel from the samples given above and then modify it as per your needs. We also provide free GST formats for creating and customizing your quotes. To establish yourself as a credible firm, you can also make the quotation look more personalized and professional by adding the company logo and signature. Want to create a personalized quotation? Try out our free online quotation maker!

How to make a quotation in Excel?

 Planning to make a quotation on your own? You can use Excel to create your quotation by including the following details.

  • Company’s name 
  • Address
  • City, State, Country
  • GST Number ( if GST registered business)
  • Quotation Number
  • Quotation Validity Date
  • List of Items
  • Item Description
  • Quantity and Rate of items
  • Applicable Tax
  • Total Amount

Download Quotation Template Excel

Alternative to Quotation Format in Excel

Each time you create a quote for your clients you’ll have to re-enter all the information in the quotation template. This can be indeed a really tiring task. If you are a small business owner you might need to create multiple quotations and then save the details for reuse. For them, it is always better to switch to a business management software like Zenys where you can automate this process. 

Zenys lets you create professional-looking quotations and send them directly to your potential clients in just a few clicks. You can easily track them and convert the quotations into invoices once accepted by the customer too using Zenys. So, make this process easier by signing up for our all in one app.