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Browse through 20+ GST quotation formats in Word, Excel and Google Sheet and download the templates for free.

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Download Quotation Template for Word, Excel Google Sheet and PDF

Are you looking for the right quotation format in PDF/ Excel/ Word?

In this guide, you can find multiple sample of quotation format in Excel, Word and PDF. Download and customize them as per your requirement and create professional quotations.

We have also added quotation format email templates for sending quotations and following up with customers in this post.

Here are a few quotation formats in Excel, Word and PDF to get you started. Do scroll down and explore more templates!

You can also access multiple invoice samples in Word, Excel and PDF format for free.

More Free Templates!

Download quotation templates in Excel, Word or Google Sheets.

Quotation Template in Word

Sales Quotation
Sales GST quote


Freelance quotation
Freelance IGST Quote


Shipping quotation
Shipping GST quote


Service quotation
Service GST quotation


Printing quotation
printing GST quotation


Small business
Business GST quotation


Quotation template in Word comes handy if you are not used to working with Excel or want to create simple quotations with few items or not many formulas for calculating the total.

Once you download the quotation template in Word, you can modify the details and save it in pdf format and send it to your customers.

If you don’t have Microsoft Word installed, you can add the downloaded file to your google drive and edit it with Google Docs.

Go to GST Quotation Format in Word download page for templates and detailed instructions on making quotations with Word.

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Quotation Template in Excel

Sales Quotation
sales quotation template


Shipping quotation
Shipping quotation with IGST


Freelance quotation
Freelance quote


Service quotation
Service quotation with GST


Price quotation
Price quotation with GST


Small business
Small business quotation with GST


Quotations can be created easily in Excel. You can download your favorite quotation format in Excel with GST, edit or add items, apply your branding and then print or save your quotations in PDF format.

On top of that applying formula to calculate discounts, taxes and total amount makes Excel templates an ideal choice.

You can also download a sample of quotation format in Excel provided on this page and modify the details such as your address, customer details and product details.

The built-in formula in these templates will automatically calculate the final price.

If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, add these templates to your google drive and open it with Google sheets.

Go to GST quotation format in excel free download page for more templates and detailed instructions on creating quotations.

Quotation format in PDF

To download your quotation format in PDF you can check out our quotation generator tool. Simply fill out the fields and apply your logo and signature.

The total amount will be automatically calculated and displayed. Then you can download your quotation format in PDF.

You can also send quotations to your customer with the click of a button by signing up for Zenys

Google Sheet Quotation Template

Google Sheets are flexible and very easy to use. There is no worry about losing your invoice. You can access them anywhere, anytime and also give access to any of your team members if you need them to review your invoice. And, on top of that, you can create invoices in a very professional way. 

Take a look at our attractive quotation templates in google sheets and then choose the one that best suits your business. Simply fill out the fields and download your invoice in the desired format and send it to your customers.

GST Quotation Format

If you are a GST registered business, you might need to create quotations with GST. That’s why we also provide free GST quotation templates with fields to add SGST, CGST and IGST rates. You simply need to enter the details, item list and tax rates in the template. The total tax amount will be automatically calculated and displayed in the template. 

Service quotation
Service GST quotation


Printing quotation
printing GST quotation


Small business
Business GST quotation


Service quotation
Service quotation with GST


Price quotation
Price quotation with GST


Small business
Small business quotation with GST


You can find more templates on our quotation template with GST page. We also offer free GST quotation template in Excel and Word formats. Select the right quotation GST format for you and download them for free. 

Quotation Email Templates

Once your quotation is ready, it is time to send it to your customer. Most businesses today provide quotation format email.

The following quotation email format can be used for sending quotations to your clients.

Subject line: Quotation [ quotation number] for [product/service name] due [invoice due date]

Hi [Name]

I hope you’re doing well. We are contacting you in regard to the new quotation that has been sent to your account. Please see attached quotation number [quotation number] for [product/service name], due on [quotation due date].

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need further clarification.

Best regards,


If you need to follow up on a quotation which you have already send, use the quotation format mail given below.

Subject line: Following up on my previous email about the Quotation [ quotation number] for [product/service name] due [invoice due date]

Hi [Name]

I hope you’re doing well. We just want to make sure that you received our last email regarding the quotation [quotation number] for [product/service name], due on [quotation due date]. that has been sent to your account since we didn’t hear back from you.

If you need any further clarification, feel free to reach out to us.

Best regards,


You can also use one of the quotation letter formats to create quotations and attach them as a PDF to your email.

In case you do repeat business with customers, you can go one step further by providing a customer portal to your customer. This helps them to log in and access quotations, invoices and other important documents online and even make online payments.

Explore how you can share documents with your customers using Zenys.

Responding to Quotation letter 

At times customers might send you an email requesting quotations over email.

Since they are reaching out to you, it is safe to assume that they have done some research and identified you to be a potential supplier.

When you receive quotation request letters, it makes sense to reply back as soon as possible to the customer via email itself and share the requested information.

You can use one of the following formats for quotation letter to reply back to your customer.

How to choose the right quotation template for your business

Each business has different requirements and practices. You should choose the quotation template accordingly.

For example, architects and construction companies need to add a long list of items and detailed specifications in quotations.

Whereas if you are a home baker, a simple one-page quotation template would meet your needs. 

Ask yourself the following questions and decide which is the right quotation template or quotation tool for your business:

How many quotations do you make in a year?

Go for a simple quotation in word if your usage is limited and if most customers do not ask for a formal quotations.

Alternatively, if you need to create a few quotations with a large number of items, we recommend using an excel template. Excel files are easier to edit and to calculate the total price using formulas in the template.

In either case, you can always refer back to the last quotation number and create the next quotation. 

But if you need to create lots of quotations, you should definitely consider a tool for managing your quotations.

Free online sales management tools such as Zenys help you create and manage a large number of quotations. 

In Zenys, you can store your customer address, standardized texts and other information that you need to apply in all quotations. These get automatically applied when you create a quotation.

Similarly, Zenys automatically keeps track of quotation numbers and applies quotation numbers sequentially.

Once your customer approves the quotation, you can directly create an invoice from the quotation and share a payment link as well.

Zenys also provides you lots of other features to automate your sales. You can automatically create follow up reminders on creating a quotation, send automatic email etc. using Zenys.

How many products or services do you sell?

If you provide only a few products and services, it is relatively easy to type in the details of your products in the quotation. In this case a simple excel or word quotation template will serve your purpose.

In case you sell a large number of products and services or each product has different variants, you should make sure that the right product information is captured.

Remember, a quotation is a promise to supply your product or service at a particular price. So you can’t go wrong here under any condition. 

With Zenys, you can define and store all your product variants along with the product description, tax rates, unit rates, discount etc. and directly add it to your quotation.

This reduces data entry errors and back and forth communications.

What happens after a quotation is accepted?

If your sales process is simple, then you may only create and share an invoice on completing the sale. In this case, you might not want to use any software to manage your process.

But for most businesses, there will be multiple steps between accepting a quotation and finally collecting the payment from the customer.

For example, an event management firm might have to sign an agreement, make arrangements for the events, purchase multiple items and then complete the work. 

Next, different team members might be splitting and completing these activities. In this case it makes sense to use tools to manage your complete sales process in one place.

Online software such as as Zenys is exactly designed for this. Read how you can use Zenys to manage your complete sales process right from getting a customer inquiry to finally collecting payment from the customer.

Important details in a Quotation

Let’s take a look at what are the most important sections and fields in a quotation.

  • Quotation number: helps you in tracking and creating invoices referencing a particular quotation.
  • Quotation date and due date: Clearly mentions when the quotation has been issued and till when it is valid.
  • Your address with the tax identification number: Properly mention your organization’s address and any mandatory details such as tax identification number as per your country’s requirement.
  • Customer’s billing address: Makes it clear to which customer the quotation is intended for. Tax identification number may not be mandatory at the stage of sharing a quotation
  • Delivery address and shipping details:  If you need to deliver a physical product
  • Payment terms:  So that the customer is clear about how and when the payment has to be made. You can refer to standard payment terms here.
  • Product details: Make sure to mention proper units, quantities and applicable taxes for each item so that the details are clear to your customer.
  • Delivery or shipping charges if applicable
  • Total amount payable by the customer including taxes: If taxes are excluded, clearly mention that additional taxes will be applicable.
  • And finally, whom to contact in case of queries

7 common mistakes to avoid while creating a sales quotation

Sending the wrong details in a quotation is the worst thing to happen in sales!

This will affect your reputation and can lead to legal actions if the customer accepts the quotation and you are not able to deliver what was committed.

As a best practice, always review your quotations before sending them to your customer.

And watch out for these common mistakes people make with quotations. 

1. Sending the wrong quotation

Sometime back I received a quotation from a company after we had discussed the price and details over the phone.

The company sent me a quotation which was intended for someone else and the prices quoted in it were lower than what we had discussed.

Needless to say we objected to the quotation and we seriously doubted their professionalism.

Such mistakes happen when you create a good amount of quotations and don’t have a proper system for generating and tracking these.

Most of the time, sales executives copy a previous quotation and end up not completely updating it.

So if you can see yourselves in this situation very soon, consider using a software for creating and managing quotations. 

2. Not mentioning the quotation validity date

Always make sure that you mention till when the prices you have mentioned are valid.

This has two advantages – firstly, it puts a subtle pressure on the buyer to close the deal on time.

Secondly, it protects you against price fluctuations of your input material which may adversely affect your margins

3. Not mentioning the payment terms

Payment terms mention what are the specific terms related to payments associated with accepting an order.

It is very important that you clearly mention the terms in the quotation so that your customer is clear about this before placing the order.

You can find the most commonly used payment terms here.

4. Not providing the sufficient information about products and services

Clearly mention all the product details, including any tax codes if applicable in quotations.

Pay extra attention if you have different variants of the same product or if technical specifications are applicable for your products.

5. Missing out on specific terms

Sometime there may be specific terms that you work with.

This could be information such as how much time you take to deliver the product or service or terms related to cancellation.

Properly mention these in quotations. The best place to mention this is after the price summary. 

6. Not mentioning whom to reach out to

Many times, the final decision maker or someone from some other team such as finance might want to reach out regarding the quotation.

So don’t forget to mention the contact person details.

7. Not mentioning delivery charges

Delivery charges can significantly increase the total cost to customer. This may lead to a conflict later if these details are not clearly mentioned in the quotation.

If you need to ship your product to the customer, clearly mention how much it will cost if you take care of the delivery

Else, provide sufficient clarity to the customer regarding their responsibilities related to delivery.

Common payment terms used in quotations and invoices

Payment terms refer to the payment conditions mentioned by the seller to the customer.

Payment terms are not standard rules but defined by the organization.

Some organizations may insist on a part payment to accept the order and then collect the remaining payment on completion of the sale.

Whereas some other organizations may collect the payment on delivery.

Here are some of the common payment terms used by organisations:

  • PIA or Payment in Advance 
  • Net X days: Where X represents the number of days from the invoice date with which payment needs to be made. For example, Next 7 days means that payment needs to be made within 7 days of the invoice date.
  • EOM: End of Month
  • COD: Cash on delivery
  • X% Advance: Here X represents the percentage of the value that needs to be paid in advance
  • CIA: Cash in advance
  • 2% 14 Net 30: Such a format gives discount to the buyer if the payment is made within a certain number of days. In this example, the buyer gets a 2% discount if the payment is made within 14 days of invoice date, else the complete amount needs to be paid within 30 days.
  • 1MD: Monthly credit payment for one full month’s supply. Sometimes sellers agree to keep supplying goods to trusted buyers and settle the payment at the end of a particular period of time, usually in months. In that case the payment term is mentioned as 1MD, 2MD etc.
  • Milestone payments: For large projects, the payment is usually released as per the completion of certain milestones. In such cases both buyer and seller agree on milestones and define what part of the total amount is to be paid to the service provider for each milestone.

How to create Invoice from a Quotation

Creating an invoice directly from the quotation helps you save time and avoid common invoicing errors. This is a feature available in many invoicing software.

You should definitely consider this option if you make a large number of quotations and the sale value per invoice is high.

With Zenys you can directly create invoices from existing quotations at the click of a button.

Hence, a new invoice is automatically generated by carrying forward all the details from the quotation such as customer details, terms, items details etc.

In case you need to make any changes, you can make the changes in the invoice as well. This also helps you in tracking the completion of the complete sale cycle from quotation to invoicing.