Dashboards and Reports

As we aim to make your life simpler, how can we choose not to show you the valuable insights gathered from your customers and sales data. Hop in and scroll down to see the magic!

Step 1 – Add Reports

Would you like to have a count of the number of sales in the pipeline? Or analyze the sales Win/Loss ratio? Or keep track of your collections? On Zenys you can add reports to track important metrics of your business operations so you can stay on top of your activities.

Click on the Dashboards icon on the left navigation bar and select ‘Reports’. You can find the contact reports, sales reports, collection and invoice reports, task reports and more here. You can also create reports by clicking on the “Add Reports” button and customizing them.

Step 2 – Build your own Dashboard

How about a reports dashboard that has all the important reports of your business operations? Depending on your business needs you can customize dashboards to have a complete overview of your activities such as sales metrics, invoice reports, team reports etc.

For building your own dashboard, click on the Dashboards icon on the left navigation bar and select ‘Dashboards’. Click on ‘Add Report’ and select the reports you want to add to the dashboard. You can view the reports in blocks. Customize the dashboard and make it as you need by dragging the blocks to your preferred size.

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