Sub-User Settings

Want to control access of the sub-users? It’s easy! This feature helps you in creating profiles with different permissions and assigning them to users. You can also create branhces so you can tag customers to users of specfic branches. This makes it easy to track your contacts, sales and more.

Check out how you can do it in just 3 steps. 

Step 1- Adding Profile

  • Click on your profile icon on the top right corner and select ‘Settings”. Click on the ‘User Settings’.
  • In the Profiles tab, click on “Add Profile”.
  • Enter the “Profile Name” and “Profile Description”. Set the permissions for the profile as you wish by clicking on the options next to the toggle switch.
  • If you wish to disable any particular permission for the profile, disable the toggle switch and click ‘Save’.

Step 2- Adding Users

  • Once you have created the Sub User profile click on the user tab and click “ Add User”.
  • Enter the user email address and click the “Role of the User” dropdown.
  • Select the profile and click “Invite”.

Step 3- Adding Branches

  • To add a branch, under the Branches tab click on ‘ Add Branch’.
  • Enter the branch name in the pop up.
  • Click “Save”.