Customize Document Settings

Did you forget to upload your Logo and Signature the first time? Or would you like to update your default note on Estimates, Quotations or Invoices? Or did you enter the wrong Tax number?

In the Document Settings you can set the default content in your documents including your logo, signature, bank account information, document numbers and so on. Also, learn how to create online payment links and automate email notifications for payment reminders.

In this guide we’ll see how to:

Step 1 – Choose Document Template

  • Click on your profile icon on the top right corner and select ‘Settings”. Click on the ‘Sales Documents ’.
  • Under the Layout tab select the template you would like to use in your sales documents.
  • To change the theme colour of the template, click on the palette icon and select the colour.
  • In the logo and signature section, click on the upload button in ‘My logo’ column to upload your logo. 
  • Enable the toggle button to add the logo by default in all sales document
  • Click on the upload button in the ‘My Signature’ column to upload your signature.
  • Enable the toggle button to add the signature by default in all sales documents.

Step 3- Configure Currency, Tax and other Default Content

  • Under the Layout tab, scroll down to find the Default content section and add the required content to be displayed in the documents.
  • Once done, click on ‘Save’.

Step 4: Configure Document Number and Prefix

  • Under the General Settings tab click on the ‘Reset’ for the document you wish to configure the prefix and number. 
  • In the prefix field, enter the number you wish .
  • Enter the next document number in the below field. Once done click Save.

The document will display the prefix, and the document numbers automatically.

Step 5: Activate Email Notification

You can notify your customers about their due payment by configuring the document settings.

*Ensure you have created an email template about payment reminders (by selecting the ‘template for‘ option to ‘Invoice‘) before setting the notification. Here is a detailed guide on how to create an email template.*

  • Check the ‘Activate email Notification’.
  • Choose the created email template. Click ‘Save’.

Step 6: Configure Document Approval and Online Payment Link Creation

You can configure which documents needs approval for downloading, sharing and payment link creation. To create a payment link whenever a a particular document is created, in the ‘online payment link creation’ section, enable the required option.