Collection Settings

In the collection settings you can customize the payment field names and configure any additional fields if needed.

Hop in to see how to do it. Here we will review how to:

Step 1 – Add Additional Fields

You might need to capture additional information about your payments other than the default fields we provide. See how you can store the data.

  • Click on your profile icon and select ‘Settings’. Then choose ‘Collection’.
  • Under the Additional fields click on the ‘Add Field’ button.
  • Enter the Field name and the field type (text area, input field, category, number or date).
  • Fill in the next field according to the field type you have chosen.
  • Once done click Save.

While you add a collection you will be able to see the additional fields and values you have customized in the ‘Add Collection’ form pop up. 

Step 2 – Customize Collection Fields

Change the field names to suit your organization’s requirements and make it easier to use the tool for your needs.

Here you can customize the collection field names, change field names and configure which fields are to be displayed and which are mandatory.

  • Under the Field Customization tab click on the pen icon to edit the field names.
  • To customize fields and configure which are to be displayed, enter the names in the “display name’ field next to the field to be customized.