Enhance Team Collaboration with our Task Management Software

Spend less time managing your activities like tasks, and scheduling follow-ups. With Zenys task management software you can create, assign and track your activities including tasks, follow-ups and meetings and get notified about them.

Create and Assign Tasks

Create tasks for yourself or your team members and tag them to a related customer or sale if needed. The person to whom the task is assigned will get a notification so they don’t miss out on completing their activity.

Schedule Follow-up Calls

With a long to-do list, there are chances that some follow-ups slip your mind. Never let that happen again by scheduling follow-up calls for customers and tagging them to the appropriate team staff. 

With built-in telephony integration on Zenys, you can make and receive calls directly from the tool, so you have every information of the customer at hand while in the call. Stay informed, stay productive.

✓Call logs

✓IVR Integration

✓Access to every customer information

View your Activities at the Customer and Sales Level

Enhance your activity management by having all the tasks, follow-ups and events related to a customer or sale in one place. Go to the individual customer or sales details page to view the list of tasks and follow-ups tagged to them. You’ll see the upcoming task with their due dates and scheduled follow-up calls helping you stay on top of your deals.

A Complete View of your Activities

View the complete list of your upcoming, overdue and completed tasks and follow-ups in a separate dashboard and make it easy to prioritize your work.

Automate your Workflow

You might have routine tasks and follow-up calls to do for specific stages in your sales process. Create tasks and follow-ups and assign them to the right team member without breaking a sweat. Simply set up an automation based on specific triggers and conditions and let Zenys do the job.

Schedule Meetings in your Google Calendar

Forget the back-and-forth switching between tools. Connect to your Google Calendar and schedule events directly from Zenys and invite your prospects to join.


What is a task management software?

Task management software is a tool that helps businesses in completing projects in a more efficient and organized manner. It helps in prioritizing tasks, setting goals and milestone and managing deadlines that contributes to the efficiency of a business. There are many free task management tools available which you can use to streamline your team activities.

How to choose the right task management system for my business?

Different businesses have different requirements. Firstly have a clear idea on what features you are looking for in a task management app. The size of your business, the types of tasks you are handling are some factors that you need to consider while choosing a free task management app. If you are looking for a tool where you can manage your sales and track team activities, a software like Zenys works the best. Zenys activity management features lets you easily create tasks, schedule follow-ups and handle communication with customers.

How to use Zenys as a  task management software?

Zenys sales CRM has powerful features for online task management. Using Zenys you can create tasks for a specific customer or a sale. You can also prioritize the tasks and assign them to the appropriate team members. You will be able to view the list of tasks in a separate dashboard.

Zenys also allows you to automate tasks based on specific conditions. Here is an example;; you can automatically create a task when a sale reaches a particular stage and automate assigning the task to your team staff. 

Can I schedule meetings in my Google Calendar from the tool?

Yes. By connecting the tool to your Google account you can schedule meetings so it automatically appears on your Google calendar.