Accelerate Lead Conversions with our Lead Management CRM

Losing leads and potential revenue opportunities? With Zenys lead management CRM you can build your own customer funnel, streamline activities, unify customer data and boost your conversions.

Visualise Every Stage In Your Customer Funnel

Your lead moves through a series of stages till they become a paying customer.  With our lead management CRM, break down your lead-to-customer conversion process into stages that suit your business. Create stages based on where they are in their journey towards being a customer. For example; inquiry, opportunity, and customer.  Edit or add as many stages as you need that fit your business needs. 

CustomizableDrag and Drop InterfaceTable/Grid View

Create Multiple Pipelines

Set multiple pipelines and associated stages and track each of your customer segments separately.

Customize Stages

Edit stages in your customer pipeline to what best describes your business process.

Set Stage Ageing

Get alerts when your customer stays in a particular stage for longer than the defined stage age.

Segment Leads

Create different views of your contact list by filtering and sorting them. Let your team members access what they need quickly.

Gain a Quick Overview

Customize the data you want to display in contact cards on the customer list page. View important details at a glance.

Get a Complete View Of Contacts

Store important information about your customers and access all of them from a single place. View the sales, tasks, follow-ups, and support tickets related to the customer and never miss out on important jobs to be done.

Assign Contacts

While adding a contact, assign them to the appropriate team member using the multi-user account. Ensure better team collaboration.

Upload Contacts

No more manually entering data. Quickly upload your contact details from a CSV file and view the data from the contact list.

Check Change Log

View all the change history for the customer including the stage transition of the contact, assigned to status, and priority status for easy tracking.

Customize Contact Fields

Personalize the contact field names according to your organisation’s requirements. Capture additional information about the contact by using adding additional fields.

The Best Lead Management CRM:

Do Everything From One Place!

Create tasks for your customer from the contact details page and assign them to your team staff.

Schedule follow-up calls for your customer and get reminded about them.

Add Notes

Have any important information to store about your contact? Add them in Notes to view them quickly.

Upload Files

Upload important documents related to your customer as attachments and easily find them when needed.

Quickly create support tickets for contacts and track them by setting their current stage.

Send Emails

Connect to your Google Calendar to create and send emails directly from the contact view.


What is a customer funnel?

A customer funnel or lead funnel represents the stages through which a prospect passes in their buying journey. For easy tracking, you might need to split the stages right from when a prospect shows an interest in your product,( for example; downloading an e-book, sign-ups etc) till they make a purchase. Different businesses might have different stages for classification. You can create the stages as per your business and track the prospect’s progress. By monitoring each stage you can make informed decisions for your business and update your lead-generation strategies to move prospects down the funnel faster.

Using a lead management software like Zenys you can easily create the customer pipeline stages to suit your business operations and view each prospect’s current stage at a glance.

How to create a customer funnel using Zenys sales lead management software?

Using Zenys lead management CRM you can customize the lead pipeline stages as per your business operations. Give the appropriate names to each stage taht suits your business. While creating contacts you can tag the contact to whichever stage they are in so you can easily view the list of contacts by stages at a glance.

What are the customer management features that Zenys lead management app offer?

Zenys  customer management features include:

  1. Creating contacts on the contact record in your CRM
  2. Customizable pipeline
  3. 360 degree view of each contact
  4. Scheudling follow-ups, creating and assigning task for contacts
  5. Emails and SMS communications
How easy is it to create a customer funnel in Zenys lead management CRM?

Creating a customer pipeline should not take much time. You can easily customize the stages as you wish in the ‘Contact Settings. You can add as many stages as you wish. The customized stages can be viewed in the contacts list.