Engage With Prospects Better With Call Center CRM

Call prospects from our call center CRM, monitor them through call logs and have customer details displayed on the screen. Use our cloud telephony solution to make effective conversations.

Make Calls from the CRM

For sales reps, contacting prospects through phone calls is a routine task.

Getting connected to the prospect involves steps like searching for the prospect’s details, getting the contact number and dialling it on your phone. This is certainly time-consuming.  With CRM telephony integration, you can avoid switching between your phone and the CRM and make a call to the prospect with just a click of a button from the CRM.

Get Notified of Incoming Calls

Within the call center CRM you will get notifications of all incoming calls.With the customer information stored in the CRM, you will be able to see who is calling which lets you deliver a personalized service.  Any missed calls can be found in the notification list so you can schedule follow-ups with the customer right away and assign them to the appropriate agent.

Have a Full View of Customer Details During The Call

When you have all the customer details stored in your CRM, you can view the past interactions of the contact, associated sale or service, and other important details while in the call. Your customers will never have to repeat themselves every time they seek your service.

Create Call Notes During The Call

Ever gone through a situation where you had to ask the customer to repeat again so you can note down important details? With telephony integrated with the CRM, you can take notes related to the customer during the call by having the customer details page open on your screen.

Record Call Logs

With automatic call logging and recordings, you can get all the data of your past customer interactions in one place. The call logs will be stored on the customer details page so you can easily go back and refer them when needed for making another follow up.

IVR Integration with CRM

Don’t let a customer wait only to know that their call is being declined. Direct customer calls to the right agents available through IVR integration with CRM. You can use pre-recordings for routing the customer to the appropriate agent who is the best to solve their issues.


What are the main benefits of a call center CRM?

Call center CRM enables sales agents to make calls directly from the tool and access customer information quickly which helps them build engaging conversations. With customer details available on hand, agents can save time and avoid repeated conversations.

What are the popular features of Zenys call center CRM?

Some of the major features of Zenys call center CRM include:

  • Making calls from the CRM
  • Automatic call logging
  • Call recording
  • IVR Routing
Can I integrate my IVR system with Zenys?

Yes. You can build your own IVR on Zenys.